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5 climbing mountains in Indonesia for beginner climbers.

5 climbing mountains
in Indonesia that you must try for beginner climbers.

How are you climbing companions?hope it's okay.. friends of climbers, Indonesia is a fertile country the word planting whatever will definitely grow and Indonesia is also so many beautiful natural places cool and has been widely used as a place for tourism and a place to calm the heart and soul, one of which is to be bertadabur, bertafakur, see the natural beauty created by God well we will tell or suggest to try climbing the mountain.

O climber's friend, are you still confused about climbing the mountain or still hesitating because he said climbing is a cape, afraid of starvation, continuing to be unpalatable, definitely not bathing, continuing to be afraid of getting lost on the track.it is a thing that must be afraid for anyone who has never climbed or just tried to climb, but don't worry, friends, actually climbing is a pleasant and healthy thing for our body, even if we climb with our friends.our best friend,let alone our partner,it is very much more fun even not a few climbers get a mate on the top of the mountain where they are climbed,even the children of the climber are very high soliderity, they will not leave each other, even they wait for each other, give each other food, drinks, and the most exciting thing is to know each other and usually the son of the climber is the person is SKSD (So Know So Close)but with us like that we will definitely have many friends because the climber's son is not selling expensive people believe it...,we will recommend to you the mountain that you must try hususnya for novice climbers

1.Mount Andong (central Java)

 Hi, friends of climbers are curious to try adventures and go up the mountain alone, especially rame rame which conditions the mountain for beginners in the sense that the mountain is very easy to climb.

This andong mountain located in Magelang, Central Java is most suitable for you with its easy hiking trails and equipped with a number of signs, you are not afraid of getting lost on a mountain with a height of 1,762 meters above sea level.

Even though it is not too high, you can still get a good view, beautiful, charming and can see directly the view of Mount Merbabu and it is recommended for you to spend the night with the sunrise view in the morning which is amazingly beautiful.

For those of you who need the latest information about climbing mount andong @gunungandong can provide news for you climbing friends.

2.mount prau (central java)

Still from around central Java there is another mountain that is very suitable for novice climbers, Mount Prau.is located in the dieng plateau, its place is in the rural area of patak banteng, the top of Mount Prau offers a very soothing expanse of cloud sea and is ready to spoil your eyes and calm your mind.this high mountain reaches 2,565.masl can also be used as a spectacular place for those of you who want the beauty of golden sunrise.

In addition to enjoying the expanse of the sea of clouds at the top of Mount Prau, you can also see the scenery with a view of the top of Mount Sindoro, Merapi, Merbabu and Cleft from a distance.only with a hike of approximately 3 hours you can already step on the top of Mount Prau.

Climbing mount prau, the local authority that requires you to do the registration and comply with the rules of climbing complete information about mount prau information you can find the instagram account @prau_mountain.

While Mount Prau has a basecamp for recycling and can also be found on the Instagram account


-instagram basecamp kalilembu @basecamp_prau_kalilembu

-instagram basecamp patak bull @prau_patakbanteng

-instagram basecamp via wates @gunungprau_viawates

-instagram basecamp via dieng @basecamp_prau_dieng

-instagram ranger via patak bull @ranger_prau

3.Gunung Gede (west Java)

Mount Gede which is located in west java we can see the view of the expanse of edelweis flower fields.gunung gede is located in Bogor, West Java, the mountain which is still part of the gunung gede pangrango national park is highly recommended and suitable for novice climbers who want who are experienced.with a mountain that is 2,958 meters above sea level, this masl is through the cibodas path whose terrain or track is steepest with a journey of approximately 6 hours to reach the top.

During the journey to reach the top of the eyes you will be spoiled with views of the cibeureum waterfall, the warm hot springs, to the talaga.

Because it is located not too far from the city of Jakarta, this mountain is suitable for relieving fatigue during the upcoming weekend.

For those of you who plan to climb a big mountain, you can find the latest information about mount gede with a instagram@bbtn_gn_gedepangrango account and you can search for a basecamp account

1.basecamp via umi ratna cibodas @gn.gedepangrango

2.basecamp via princess cibodas @basecampgedepangrango

4.Mount Papandayan (West Java)

Mount Papandayan is located in the arrowroot of the mountain which holds a variety of beautiful charms and amazing nature lovers.the journey to the top of the mountain which is 2,265,masl, you will be given with the beauty of the view view of sulfur crater crater such as manuk crater, nangklak crater, mas crater, and new crater.

With the journey to the top which is taken in approximately four hours, it is guaranteed that it will not make you bored because you will find a large edelweiss flower field called tegal alun as well as see the beauty of the dead forest with tree branches that have dried up.

If you are planning to climb papandayan mountain and need a trip organizer, you just find an Instagram tour papandayan @papandayantrip

5. Mount Batur (Bali)

If you vacation to the city of Bali do not have to always play to the beach.occasionally you try to climb the mountain which is located in the kintamani area.mountain with antimness of 1,717,masl is also very friendly for those of you who are hiking for the first time and to reach only in it takes approximately three hours with terrain that is not too difficult.

Arriving at the top after the exhaustion of climbing will then be presented with the most beautiful caldera in the world with the center of mount batur.



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