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Many Men run because of "ugly" women, and there is also A man marries a woman because of his "faith".

A woman is asked by many Men to be his wife. The woman is a mutanaqqiba, who knows a lot about the religion of Islam and she is also a rich woman. She has everything a Man wants. But after the men saw her face, they no longer wanted to marry the woman.

Almost hundreds of Men fled and never looked back after seeing the woman's face while taking off her niqab (veil). Slander also spreads how ugly the woman is, which is why many men stay away from her and no one wants to marry her. Many men said so to her :

"She wears a niqab because she hides her ugly face."

"I don't care how much faith and how religious she is, I still won't marry that ugly woman."

"His wealth is useless if he is ugly."

People say that to the woman. So that the woman thinks that no one wants to marry her anymore.

Until one afternoon a beggar came to her house asking the woman's father for permission to marry his child.

The father of the girl also asked; "Why do you want to marry my daughter?. "

The beggar replied; "I have adored her for her faith and she is a Shalehah woman, I don't care about her property, which I want approval for me to be her husband."

The father of the woman smiled and said "just give me 44 pesos for her dowry, and you can marry her."

The beggar was shocked, and the woman's father thought the beggar could not afford to give so much money to marry his daughter. But he was wrong, instead the Beggar felt so blessed that the beggar's tears fell and then he said "Thank God".

Then the woman came out of her room when her father told her to come out. The woman wears her niqab. His father said "Look at my daughter carefully."

The beggar replied "I have no right to look at him because I am not his mahram, sir."

The woman's father was even more amazed by the Beggar's answer. The woman's father also said "Before marrying her you have to look at her face first."

Beggar It refused many times because he respected him, But the woman's father insisted. Finally the beggar looked at her and slowly took off the woman's niqab.

At first the beggar was surprised to see the ugliest woman he had ever seen in his entire life, before that he had never seen such an ugly girl. But after that the beggar smiled at the woman.

"Do you still want to marry my daughter. ?" Dad asked.

The beggar looked at the woman's father and said "Yes, no one can stop me from marrying her, because for me the beauty she has radiates from her heart and devotion."

The woman's father hugged the beggar and said. "Finally we found the best Man who didn't look at my daughter's physique. "

Many people talk about how unlucky the beggar is to marry the ugly girl and assume that the beggar only wants his property.

After the wedding in the hield, the beggar was ready to stare at his wife's face for the second time, slowly the beggar opened his niqab. How surprised beggar was that even he couldn't move his eyes from the beauty of the woman. Such a perfect beauty is like an angel. However, he came to his senses then walked back and turned away. Then asked for mercy "I'm sorry, I thought you were my wife."

The woman smiled and walked up to her husband, then looked at her husband while saying "I am your wife, I am the girl you are married to, during this time I wear make-up to find out if there is a Man who will choose a good heart instead of a beautiful face. And of the hundreds of Men, God led you to be my husband. Thank God." The woman said. The Beggar was still surprised.

They also lived happily together living a simple life without the wealth of their father. The beggar worked hard for his wife and children. And indeed God always guides good people.

This story proves that eyes can deceive you, that's why he prefers a good heart to a beautiful face. Because beauty can fade. However, it is the Deed or the good heart that we need for the hereafter (Heaven).

Many people easily judge what they see without knowing the truth. That is why as long as God is with you, victory will always be yours.