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About tawhid

 About tawhid

·         What is the definition of tawhid science ?

 The science of tawhid is a science that examines aqidah-akidah based on firm postulates (qoth'i) both derived from

Qur'an, Hadith mutawatir,ijma',qiyas (ratio postulate).

Basically, ratio or reason has no authority for religious texts (naqli postulates). But Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, in some verses of the Quran gives its own role to the ratio. In order to convince people who do not have faith in Allah to believe that Allah exists, it is enough to use the aqli or ratio postulates, there is no need for the help of naqli postulates.

·         What are the objects of study of tawhid science?

The science of tawhid examines the following objects:

1). The substance of Allah, encompassing the nature of the obligatory, impossible, and ja'iz

2). The messengers of God, encompassing the nature of obligatory, impossible, and jaiz.

The issues that we are obliged to believe even though they cannot be seen (sam'iyyat) include heaven, hell, torment and blessings of the grave, Sirat, Telaga Kautsar, Mizan, and so on.

As for matters related to the tomb, tawasul, and Istighosah, part of the science of tawhid, but part of the science of fiqh studied by experts. 

·         Is it true that the science of tawhid is divided into several parts?

Not true. There is no division (classification) in the science of tawhid the science of tawhid is something that is singular, it cannot be separated, that is, it testifies that there is no god but allah and indeed the prophet muhammad is the messenger of allah

·    What is the law of dividing the science of tawhid?

It should not be, because it includes Heresy which misleads the classification of the grouping of tawhid sciences against the teachings of the Koran and hadith. To be clear, the division of tawhid knowledge is never explained in the Quran, has never been mentioned by the Messenger of Allah, and has never been explained by Salaf scholars from either the friends or tabiin groups because if only there were groups other than friends and tabi'in that grouped tawhid science, there would undoubtedly be a bad opinion that the companions and tabi'ins did not delve into tawhid because they did not divide it into several parts.

It is absurd (absurd) if this happens because they are precisely the carriers of important information about the teachings of Islamic sharia from the Messenger of Allah.

·         What is the postulate used as a foundation by the divisors of tawhid science?

The dividing group of tawhid believes that tawhid is divided into three kinds:

1. Tauhid Uluhiyyah

2. Tauhid Rububiyyah

3. Tawhid Asma wa Nature.

According to their beliefs the infidels were only Rububiyyah, but not uluhiyyah. This belief is based on:

That is to say: we do not worship them but that theyInclude us to God as closely as possible. Surely God will decide among them what they dispute with him. Indeed, God does not appoint those who are liars and are very disobedient. (Q.S. az-zumar:3)


That is to say: And verily if ye ask them "who made the heavens and the earth and subdued the sun and the moon?" of course they will answer: "God",then they (can) be turned away (from the right path). (Q.S. al-Ankabut: 61)

·         Is it true that the infidels are only rububiyyah- bertauhid, not uluhiyyah?

Not true. For, if the infidels and the musyriks acknowledge that Allah is the creator, then in the Qur'an there will be no information that reminds them of their negligence of the form of Allah. among as such Captions are:


That is to say: Then did they not pay attention to the camel how he was created, and the sky how he was exalted, and the mountains how he was established, and the earth how he was spread out? (Q.S. al-Ghasiyah: 17-20)


That's all from me, hopefully useful, happy reading, and don't forget to practice it.


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