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Trading according to language means exchanging, whether exchanging goods or services.

Meanwhile, according to the term, trading is an activity carried out in the financial market. This activity is not only part oftheprocess of buying and selling goods or services. The purpose of economic activity in trading is to buy and sell in the shortest time to get the maximum profit.

Trading activities in the past were often known as barter, namely the exchange of goods or services . But nowadays trading is also known as money exchange, then it developed into a money market center.


In the trading implementation system is very different from the investment system, investment is passive while trading is active, that is, if the investor cannot manage / manage it, it will cause losses of a very large amount of money loss. Therefore, an investor who will carry out trading activities must first understand the trade system, the nature and good strategy in this activity.in addition to that trading investors must also be able to find profibility factors (the company's ability to increase profits / profits for a certain time on sales, assets, capital and stocks.)


There are several types of trading that are most often interested in financial activists in the world, namely as follows:

·       Forex trading

Is trading / taransaksi in using foreign exchange (forex) to a number of other countries aims to increase business interests, tourism and get as much profit as possible -for example, Kevin bought 10 dollar bills at a price of 1,500,000,- in the future the total dollars became 16,500,- per sheet so Kevin's total money was 1,650,000,-then Kevin got a profit perdolar 150 times 10 to 150,000,-

·       Stock trading

This trading is a transaction of buying and selling ownership letters of a company / company in a relatively short time and term in accordance with market standards at that time.in contrast to stock investments which are usually long-term which triggers differences in the strategies, principles and actions of the system. The meaning of long/short term is the length of time of the purchase agreement, short-term term is approximately 1 year while the long-term term is approximately 5 years.

·       Binary trading

This is a type of online trading that is often done by most people. The way this trade works is by means of which traders are required to guess or in detail predict the rise or fall of an asset in a predetermined time frame. But not only assets, traders can choose currencies, commodities or keripto.examples of binary trading are the Binomo application, IQ option, Olymptrade, Quotex and so on.

·       Gold trading

Similar to forex in the way this trading works, it's just that gold trading uses gold objects as a tool.that is, an activity of buying and selling gold without having to move gold assets from seller to buyer.but only know enough about the value contained in the gold

·       Bitcoin trading

Furthermore, this trade can be interpreted as selling the bitcoins we want to other people who are interested in buyers at a higher price than when we bought them. As for if we want to buy coins in bitcoin through companies that sell bitcoin including: INDODAX, ZIPMEX, TOKOCRYPTO, IDEX, PINTU, LUNO, KOINKU and others.

This is the easiest summary of the definitions, characteristics and types of trading that people use most often.