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A country that is one of the world civilizations today,The country which is on the northern side of the African continent is geographically located in the south directly facing the ocean,From the east it borders the Palestinian territories,the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea,The southeast side borders Sudan,The western region borders Libya.

The area is approximately 997,739 km2. The city of Cairo as the capital of this country and has an official language of Arabic.The name Egypt is taken from the name of one of the figures of civilization in this city named Mishra bin Mishrayam bin Ham bin Noah.

Egypt is indeed an old city that has long been famous for having a world civilization until now. Its ancient relics are still intact and not lost in time and time. The city of Egypt was completely conquered as part of the islamic territory during the time of the 2nd caliph, caliph Umar ibn Khattab.

The country that has the longest river is predominantly Muslim (Sunni) and generally many are Malikiyah,Some adhere to shia.ah and Hanafiyah sects.As for non-Muslims, it amounts to about 10% of the total population of its people. They were accompanied by Coptic Christians, Greek Orthodox, Mekistes, James and so on..

In the field of politics and expansion of islamic dominions, Egypt was first acquired by caliph Umar ibn Khattab.Subsequently it was kusai by the Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasties.Then it was continued by the Tulun Dynasty,Ikshyd,Fathimyah,Ayubidyyah and Mamluk.

Long story short on !June 8, 1953 Egypt was declared a republic led by the President concurrently prime minister.As for the first president of this country, namely Mohammad Naqoib.Later replaced by Lt. Col. Gamal Abdul Naseer was elected as the next president. For now the Egyptian government is held by president Abdul Fattah Said Hussein Khalil as-Sisi.

Sedanngkan in the field of education and culture, Egypt was very instrumental to the progress of muslims with the large number of contributions in these areas. The proof is that since the time of the Fathimid Dynasty in Egypt, especially Cairo City, it has become a muslim intellectual center and ilmiyah activity throughout the world both European and Western.

Cairo's al-Azhar University bears witness to the civilization of science in the country. The oldest university in the world was founded by al-Katib al-Siqqli on June 22, 1908 to become an important center of scholarship throughout the world and has an important role in the history of islamic world civilization. Today al-Azhar is a meeting place for Muslim students from various countries.

No less than the European regions of Egypt also have heritage monuments that contain enormous artistic value dalai in the field of architectural buildings, including

·         Al-Qashr al-Gharb ( western palace )

·         Al-Qashr as-Syarq ( eastern palace )

·         al-Azhar University

·         Chapter an-Nashr

·         Bab al-Fath

The location of the Nile river is a great advantage for the country in the field of fertility of agricultural lands. Likewise, the geographical location of Egypt which is between 3 major continents, namely Asia, Africa and Europe, makes Egypt an important trading center for other countries that pass to their countries. Until from the past until now it is one of the richest countries in the field of world trade economics.

Currently Egypt continues to cooperate both bilaterally and internationally in the economic, political, cultural, sports and social fields with countries around the world .

The country, which now has a population of approximately 103.4 million people, is one of the developed countries in the African region, currently the per capita amounts to $11,194 per year.

Factors that make Egypt a developed country include:

1. The existence of the Nile river which makes the surrounding area fertile and very suitable for use as a large agricultural place.

2. Nesir is in the Suez Canal which is a world trade route

3. Highly qualified human resources.