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Evil is reciprocated with evil

 Evil is reciprocated with evils

A woman has a cat that she cares about very much, so unfortunately she always takes care of it wherever the cat goes. It is said that the cat is a rogue rat-mouse hunter in his house.

One day the cat went out of the house but hadn't returned to its usual way. This woman was worried about the absence of her beloved cat. Soon he went out of the house and searched for his missing cat to various street corners, suddenly in the middle of the street he saw that there was a carcass of a cat located there full of blood. Little by little he approached the carcass and then felt shocked to death because the carcass of the cat he saw dead lying in the middle of the road was his own cat. The sense of anger mixed with sadness plus the irritability that filled his soul.

The misfortune that befell him made a very deep sadness,Every day he kept thinking about it and cursing who had the heart to do so to his cat.

Day after day, an astonishing and shocking news was spread. Because it has been found out who is the mastermind for the murder of the cat. The mind and circumstances refused to reveal the culprit but his soul and little heart constantly convinced him. It is revealed that the murderer of his cat is a close neighbor of his.

Unstoppable anger was not intending to avenge his feelings but just wanting to teach a lesson that could be resuscitated by his heinous behavior.

Before doing the action, the woman bought a lot of mousetraps to install in her house. As a result, the many mousetraps can catch a lot of rats of approximately 50 heads for him to reward to neighbors who killed his cat first. After collecting all the rats in a large cardboard box that was neatly wrapped like a valuable gift to give to someone special. Not to forget he slipped a small letter as a sign of a gift from himself that would later resuscitate his neighbor's mistakes.

When he finished wrapping it, he took the cardboard box and sent it by post.

So the cardboard box came to the address that was correctly addressed, namely the neighbor. When the gift was in his hands and felt happy not to play because there was a big gift that suddenly came to his house.

With a happy smile, he thought that the big gift in front of him was a big and beautiful gift given by one of his good friends outside the area.
To his surprise when he opened the gift, the hordes of rats inside scattered jumped out until someone hit him in the face. The happy look on his face faded into annoyance and disgust to death because the rats spread almost the entire room.

He shook his head at a loss for what had befallen him from this unfortunate calamity.

When he searched the contents of the cardboard he got a piece of white paper that he thought was a piece of tissue, but when he saw clearly it seemed to be a letter from someone who sent him a gift of a rat.

He immediately read the contents of the letter, how surprised and afraid because the content of the letter reads " O my cruel neighbor ! you have hurt my heart by killing my beloved cat and removing its existence from my life, so accept now the gift from me which is the rats that are always annoying and rowdy in my house".

Remembered the neighbor at the time of the incident of him having the heart to kill a cat to test his new shooting device that he had just bought.

He was very sorry for this incident and cursed himself for his stupid behavior.

The conclusion of this story explains that if we commit a crime, we will get a crime in the end.




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