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Get used to praying Duha in the morning

Dhuha Prayer

The Dhuha prayer is a circumcision prayer often performed by the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and so is performed by his devotees in the morning.And also the Dhuha prayer is a circumcision prayer that is done at least 2 rakaat and the most 12 rakaat. The time is for the sun to rise until the time for dhuhur prayers.

The Dhuha prayer is done like the usual circumcision prayer. And lafadz the intention of prayer is as follows :

اصلى سنة الضحى ركعتين لله تعالى

" Usholli Sunnatandh Dhuha Rok'ataini lillahi Ta'ala ".

That is to say : I intend to pray dhuha two rakaat because of Allah Ta'ala.

And when the dhuha prayer has been completed, then the prayer read is as follows :

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم ان الضحاء ضحاءك والبهاء بهاءك والجمال جمالك والقوة قوتك والقدرة قدرتك والعصمة عصمتك اللهم ان كان رزقي في السماء فانزله وان كان في الارض فاخرجه وان كان معسرا فيسره وان كان حراما فطهره وان كان بعيدا فقربه بحق ضحاءك و بهاءك و جمالك وقوتك وقدرتك اتني ما اتيت عبادك الصا لحين



" Allahumma innadduha a duha uka wal baha a baha uka wal jamala jamaluka wal quwwata quwwatuka wal qudrota qudrotuka wal ismata ismatuka, Allahumma in kana rizqi fissamai paanzilhu wal in kana haroman patohirhu wa in kana ba'idan paqorribhu bihaqqi duha uka wa baha uka wajamaluka WA quwwatuka WA qudrotuka a tini ma ataita ibadakassolihin ".


" O my Lord, verily the time of Dhuha is the time of Thy Dhuha, that majesty is Thy majesty, that beauty is Thy beauty, that power is Thy power, that statute is Thy statute and that guard is Thy guard. O my Lord, if my rizki is in the heavens eat down, if it is in the earth eat take it out, if it is difficult then make it easy, if it is illegitimate then clean it, and if it is far away then draw close to the truth of thy dhuha, thy majesty, thy beauty, thy strength, and thy statutes. (O my Lord), come unto me what thou hast brought to thy shaleh servant".

The dhuha prayer is indeed a circumcision prayer but is rarely done by Muslims on the grounds that there is no time to do it, even though there are only two rakaats in a day.The time of the day is 24 hours while to perform the dhuha prayer is only 5 minutes and even less, the time is not the slightest time that we can spend to perform the dhuha prayer?. Make it a habit to perform dhuha prayers, because dhuha prayers have many benefits, one of which is to facilitate rizki.

Don't we want to be launched? So apart from trying, we must also pray to God that our blessings will be made easier.Even the Prophet Muhammad Saw often performed the dhuha prayer, and if he forgot that he had not done the dhuha prayer then he prayed the prayer.

And if we never leave the dhuha prayer, one time we forget or there is an obstacle so that we cannot perform the dhuha prayer then it is the same as we perform it.

Use our time to the best of our ability, while we are young, while still healthy and while still capable, why not? For us to perform the dhuha prayer.It may be difficult to carry it out but if we have a strong intention and really want to multiply our sholeh practice in order to expect ridho from Allah Swt, God willing, we can carry it out.

Let's compete in kindness, there is a saying that says "Can You Ordinary ". Happy fighting comrades to get used to doing dhuha prayers. 

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