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·         The attitude of hard work means being serious, high-spirited in doing something. Diligent and tenacious, not easily give up when facing obstacles or difficulties. Every effort requires sincerity even though the circumstances are different. The competition for life is getting tougher according to the seriousness and skill of trying. With the capital of earnestness an ideal can be achieved to the maximum.


Islam educates its people to have an attitude of hard work, be good at taking advantage of time and not to be lazy. The postulates that encourage humans to have a hard work attitude include the following.

اذا انصب. الانشراح / :

That is to say: then when you are done (of some business), keep working hard (for another). (Sura al-Inshirah 94:7)

اذا الصلواة انتشروا الارض ابتدوا ل الله اذكروا الله ا لعلكم لحون.

:٦٢ ال

That is to say two when prayers have been performed, then scatter ye on earth seeking the gift of God and remember God a lot so that you may be fortunate. (Sura al-jumu'ah/62:10)

QS al-insyirah verse 7 above expressly tells us to be good at taking advantage of time not to waste time in vain. As for QS Al jumuah verse 10, it also expressly reminds us to immediately work to make a living after completing Friday prayers. Thus, worship and cooperation are obligatory upon all of us.

المؤمن القوي احب الى الله المؤمنين الضعيف ل احرص لى ا استعين الله لا اه لم

That is to say: a strong believer is better and more beloved of God than a weak believer, but in each there is goodness. Be zealous thou to achieve (something) that is beneficial to thee, ask Allah for help and thou shalt not feel helpless ( HR Muslim no. 4816 of abu Hurairah)

The hadith above contains motivations or encouragements to each believer to become a strong believer, including strong faith, strong mentally strong spirit, strong physical strength (healthy and fresh fit), strong knowledge (clever), and strong treasure (rich).

In another hadith the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. It says as follows.

لان اخذ احدكم اه اتي ا الخطبة لى ا الله ا له ان ا ل الناس اعطوه اومنعوه.رواه البخار

That is to say: truly, if one of you carries his rope, then goes home with a bunch of firewood on his back, and then he sells it so that God provides for his needs, (then) it is better than begging for a fellow human being, whether given or rejected. (HR Al Bukhari number 1378 of Zubair bin awwam

The above Hadith explains that prioritizing hard work to make ends meet is more noble than begging. A person who prioritizes hard work in an effort to make ends meet means having an officer's attitude.


 Fadli is a student who comes from a poor family, but has a high spirit to be a clever person. Both of his parents worked as farm laborers in the community to be able to meet the needs of his daily life he had to devote his energy even though as a filial son to his father's two mothers. In the afternoon of school he helped his father hoe in his neighbor's garden. His wage money was used to buy school equipment and bp3 money. With his perseverance capital, Fadli managed to complete his studies in Sanawiyah with quite proud achievements.




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