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How to ask for rain according to Islamic law


The prayer of asking for rain or what is called the Istisqo prayer is a prayer to beg for rain to be brought down by Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. In very dry times due to lack of water and the absence of rainwater and it is also difficult to find springs, so circumcision to pray and beg for the rain to be brought down to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. That is what is called the Istisqo prayer. It means to beg for a flush.

T     There are three kinds of ways to beg for the rain to be lowered:
1. By way of praying, be it in any place and time with a strong voice or in a weak voice.
2. Add prayers to ask for rain during Friday sermons.
3. That is by means of praying two rakaats along with two sermons. This third method is called the Istisqa prayer.


As for the way to do the Istisqo prayer, which is 3 days before carrying out the prayer, the government or regional leader should order to encourage the people to fast for 3 days. It is also to be encouraged to do good, give alms and forgiveness of fellow human beings.

Then on the next day, which is the fourth day, the community came out along with the little children and also the elderly, even with their livestock, together heading to the field to perform the Istisqo prayers.

At that time, it should be dressed simply without being decorated. During that time it should multiply the reading of istighfar, meaning to ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for forgiveness for all sins, because it is possible that the lack of water is a warning from Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala for the many sins we commit.

The readings of istighfar are as follows :

استغفرالله العظيم الذي لا اله الاهوالحي القيوم واتوب اليه.

" Astagfirullahaladzim alladzi laa ilaha illa huwa Al hayyul Qayyum wa atubu ilaihi ".

That is to say : I beg mercy to the Most Great God, who has no god but him, who lives again upright, and I repent to Him.

The time to do the Istisqo prayer is in the morning, after the Sun is high. The imam should be the head of the local government, the prayer is also 2 rakaat exactly the same as the holiday prayer, except that the intention is different.

      ·         Namely with takbir as much as 7 times on the first rakaat and 5 times on the second rakaat.
·         With the letter Al-a'la on the first rakaat Al-Ghasyiyah on the second rakaat.
·         And the absence of azan and also iqomah.

After the completion of the prayer comes to the greeting, then the circumcision of the priest and his sermons preach as the sermon on the feast day, only not takbir at the beginning of the sermon, but is replaced with istighfar.So at the beginning of the first sermon, istighfar 7 times, and at the beginning of the second sermon, it is 7 times.


This Istisqo prayer is intended to be read before and after the istisqomah prayer in a loud voice or in a weak voice and is read inside or outside the Istisqo sermon, including the following:

اللهم اسقنا الغيث و لا تجعلنا من القانطين

" Allahumma askina Al ghaisa wala taj'alna Minal khonitin ".

That is to say: O God water us with rain, and thou shalt not make us belong to the class of desperate people.

اللهم اسقنا غيثا مقيثا هنيءا مريءا مرينا سحا عاما غدقا طبقا مجللا

" Allahumma Astina ghaisan mukisan Hani an Marian sahan aman godaqon thabaqan mujalalan ".

That is to say : O God water us with rain that saves us from squalor, which is easy, which comes down from above, which is many, evenly encompassing and beneficial throughout the country.

And when the rain has fallen, we must thank Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. Among the ways of gratitude is ablution with the water. If there is too heavy rain, so that it feels alarming about danger, it is destroyed for us to pray. The prayers are as follows:

اللهم حوالينا ولا علينا. اللهم على الاكام والظراب وبطون الاودية ومناءب الشجر

" Allahumma Eve Laina wa la Alaina. Allahumma ala akami waddirobi wabutuni al-audiati wa mana ibi asyajari "

Now that's the prayer and how to do the istisqa prayer, hopefully it will be useful.



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