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Intention in ablution


Some Egyptian scholars have an opinion about the intention in ablution, is ablution included in the conditions for valid ablution or not? so don't be surprised if we see people around us when they perform ablution some read the intention of ablution some don't read it.

Remember !!!! don't let us blame them   for their actions that don't suit us, it's not them who are wrong   but we who haven't fully understood the scholars' explanations about ablution. in this article we would like to explain a little explanation that we know about the intention in ablution which comes from a book that we may already know, namely the book "BIDAYATUL MUJTAHID" a book about fiqh that is often studied by santri and kyai in their assemblies throughout the region Indonesia. A book written by a great scholar, philosopher, famous religious thinker who lives in Andalusia

(now known as Spain) named Ibn Rushd or often known as Averros in the west.

Is that the intention?

Intention is the intention to do something accompanied by the work we are going to do, the place to recite the intention is in the heart. It has been mentioned in the hadith that every job depends on the intention.

The difference between scholars regarding the intention in ablution

·        -   A number of scholars differ on whether the intention in ablution is a valid condition for ablution or not.

·        - does ablution include mahdoh worship or ghairu mahdoh

                The meaning of mahdoh worship and mahdoh passion

 Mahdoh worship is worship that is directly related to Allah, for example prayer, etc. Mahdoh worship in its implementation requires intention.

 Goer Mahdoh worship is worship that is not   directly related to Allah swt but through human intermediaries such as alms, donating land for the construction of mosques and so on. This worship does not require intention in its implementation.


    If the ablution is included in the mahdoh worship, it can be said that the intention in ablution is part of the conditions for valid ablution, it is obligatory to perform it, so that whoever does not do it, then his ablution is invalid. This opinion was expressed by the Imam Shafii, Maliki, ahmad servant, abi tsauri and dawud.

    On the other hand, if you think that ablution is not from mahdoh worship (ghairu mahdoh), then the intention is not part of the valid conditions of ablution.

Hopefully this article will be useful for all of us and add to our understanding of our daily worship.