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       A familiar word in the ears and mouths of all of us . If we are asked about this then surely we will answer ''Love is the feeling of liking and affection that arises in us to the object we love'' that is probably most people's interpretation of love.

Now we will explain the meaning of love according to experts, scholars etc.

The Meaning of Love

Everyone knows love,But what is meant by love according to world psychologists?

·         James Drever,Love is a feeling specifically related to pleasure, which is also related to an object.

·         Ashley Montagu, a feeling of noticing, loving, and liking in a deeper way, coupled with a desire and longing for the object

·         Abraham Maslow, the process of self-actualization that can make people perform various actions / behaviors, which are productive and also creative in nature.

·         Elaine, involvement in associations that present strong physiological stimuli coupled with the presence of feelings that yearn for her partner and the desire to satisfy her partner.

·         Erich fomm, an active feeling, which can break the dividing wall between man and his friends

·         Stenberg, a reflection of their personalities and also their feelings in living a relationship.


Perhaps we already know a little explanation of love according to world psychologists now the meaning of love according to islamic scholars.

According to the scholars of love or in Arabic mahabbah which means a condition of feelings arising from the human heart. The true mahabbah is our love for the khaliq, namely Allah Swt.


Imam Abu Al Qasim bin Hawazin bin Al Qusyairi bin Al Naisaburi bin As Shafi'i explained in terms of the meaning of love from the views and opinions of scholars, It is stated in a book called the Treatise of Al Qusyariyah.

Among others:

·         Abu Yazid Al Busthomi

   " Assume a little something that comes from you a lot, and assume a lot of things that a           little bit comes from your lover ''

·         Imam junaid Al Baghdadi

 " The influx of traits of loved ones in exchange for the traits of the one who loves. "

·         Imam As Shaibli

      "  Love is called love because love wipes out anyone in the heart other than the lover. "

Those are some opinions about the nature of the meaning of love according to Islamic scholars.

Everyone can feel love, Because love is one of the fitrahs given by Allah Swt to humans. As the poet says ''Without love life is meaningless''

Whatever the type, rank, age, the state of a child, parents all feel love.

We can know legendary stories about love starting from the love story Romeo & Juliat by a world famous artist, William Shakespeare, which tells the story of 2 humans who love each other but can never unite because the family does not love. So that one poet said that the saddest love story is the love story of Romeo and Julet.

Not only the story circulating in the western countries of Europe ,Islam Especially the central Asian region who is not familiar with one of the phenomenal events that can shake the world ,an original story is no longer the work of an artist but has become a proof of human history about love another is the Story of '' Laila Majnun ''.

2 human beings who love each other until the moon of the stars they see like the face of the lover of the heart's dream. Until the man is nicknamed the community around si ''majnun'' which means a person who is crazy about his love.

A few of the stories above are proof of the strong sense of love between humans, because the love of an evil person can turn into good even vice versa.people are willing to kill their own lives for love.

That's part of the meaning of love,'' Love can indeed make you happy but not a few people are hurt ''


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