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Meaningful story



In ancient times, among the Children of arab, there was a young man who worshiped God Almighty for 20 years and then disobeyed him for 20 years.

One day he looked at himself in a mirror and saw that there was a white hair between his beard. Then he was sad and said “My God, I have obeyed you for 20 years and then I have disobeyed you for 20 years too so if I want to come back to you, do you still want to accept me?”. Then he heard someone say: “Before, you loved us, then we loved you. Then you left us, then we left you. So if you will return to us, we will still accept you”. (Hayatul Qulub)

Narrated from sheikh imam abu Nashar AS samargondi

In the beginning, Hasan Al basyari was a handsome young man, he liked to dress beautifully, then he went around to the houses in the city of Basrah, and there he was having fun. One day, as he was walking, he saw a beautiful woman, as tall as her feet. Hasan also walked behind the woman. Then the woman turned to him and scolded him: “don't you feel ashamed?”

"Shame on who?". Hasan asked again

The woman replied: “To God who knows (the look) of treacherous eyes

And what the heart hides.

Abu Nashar continued his story:

Hasan's heart felt excited after hearing the woman's words, but he could not bear it and was unable to control his lust, so he kept stalking the woman from behind.

Then the woman said again:

“why are you still following me?”.

Hasan replied: "I was fascinated to see your eyes".

“then sit down the woman please.” I will send it to you later

What you want."

Hasan thought that he had succeeded in subduing the woman's heart as he had been tempted by her, so he sat down shortly after, a waitress came carrying a tray covered with a cloth, then handed it to Hasan, Hasan opened the lid, it turned out that there were two seeds lying on the tray the eyes of the woman he was chasing. Then the servant said: I don't want eyes that cause someone to be slandered.

After witnessing and listening to the servant's speech, Hasan's entire body trembled, then he held his beard with his hand and said to himself: “Woe to you, beard that is no more valuable than a woman”.

At that very moment, Hasan regretted and repented. He also returned to his house. Last night he just cried. The next day, Hasan came again to the woman’s house to apologize. It turned out that the door of the woman’s house was closed tightly, and the voices of several women were heard wailing. When Hasan asked the woman’s neighbor about it, he got the answer: “this hostess has passed away”.

Hasan left the place with a broken heart. For three days and three nights he continued to cry. On the third night, Hasan dreamed of seeing the woman sitting in heaven. Hasan then said to him: “Forgive me”.

The woman replied: “I have forgiven, because I have gained something that

Better because of you

Then Hasan said: “give me advice”

So the woman advised him: “if you are alone, then remember Allah ta’ala and when you are in the morning or evening, say a lot of istighfar, ask forgiveness and repent to Allah”

Hasan took his advice. And then he became a well-known zuhud and obedient among the people, and reached a degree with Allah as high as he achieved. And he is among the saints of Allah ta’ala (jawahirul Bukhari).


It is mentioned that, Prophet Adam alaihissalam. He said: “Indeed, Allah the Exalted has given the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) four kinds of honors which he did not give me.

First, that the acceptance of my repentance must be in Mecca, while the people of Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam. Can repent anywhere, and Allah ta’ala will still accept their repentance.

Second, that I used to be clothed, but because I disobeyed Allah, Allah made me naked. While the people of Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam. Doing a sin in a state without clothes, then Allah ta'ala gives them clothes.

Third, that when I had committed an act of disobedience, Allah separated me from my wife. While the people of Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, committed disobedience to Allah, but Allah did not separate them from their wives.

Fourth, that I did disobedience in heaven, then Allah brought me out of it. Meanwhile, the people of Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, commit immoral acts outside Paradise, then Allah will admit them into it, if they repent.


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