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Motivational story (Morality is the basis of success)

Moral Is The Key To Success

The story of a successful person because of a good moral

     In a remote village there lived a young man with his mother,he was a devoted young man to his mother,never once did he argue let alone hurt his mother,his words were always polite,gentle and never raised his voice beyond his mother's voice.therefore his mother loved him very much.even though he lived only with circumstances of concern and deprivation,he and his mother remained patient in living life.

One day his mother was sick,the young man did not know what his mother was sick.he planned to take his mother to the doctor in the city,but he forgot that he and his mother did not have a penny.because he had no money he also intended to borrow to his neighbor without his mother's knowledge.because he felt sorry, finally his neighbor gave the money for a foothold on the condition that it should be returned 2 times with a period of 1 month. with compulsion and pity for his mother, he also agreed to the condition even though there was something stuck in his heart.

Finally, he and his mother were able to go to the city to check on the illness suffered by his mother.

When he arrived at the doctor, before his mother's examination, his mother asked the young man. " where is the money for this mother's exaltation, O my son ?" then he also thought how to answer his mother's question, then with a heavy heart he also replied in a low voice : " O mother I have no other choice but to borrow to our neighbors on the condition that it must be returned 2 times with a tempo of 1 month ". when he heard this, his mother's face suddenly turned red and then said angrily: " you know that your deed is an act forbidden by our god " after saying this

His mother held his chest while feeling painful.the young man was shocked and immediately took him to the examination room.then checked by the doctor it turned out that the disease his mother suffered was heart disease.after being examined he immediately went to his mother and apologized for the deeds he did.finally his mother gave him an apology and advised him not to fall into doing this again.after saying this suddenly his mother breathed his breath lastly.the young man was devastated and saddened by it.

1 month passed quickly, he forgot to pay his debt until the owner of the money collected by coming in anger at him : "if you do not pay your debt now then I will take your house".

With a heavy heart and forced, he finally gave his house as a replacement for paying to pay his debts.

Because in the village where he was born, he used to have nothing, finally he brought all his clothes and pitted his fate to the city.

At that time in the city, there was a big trader who was announcing that he was looking for a secretary to write trade matters and so on.so many people applied for the job, including the village youth.because there were so many applicants,so the big trader also told the applicants to be present the next day to the place where the trader was intended for the interview process .in the end of the day there was the young man and all other applicants.then the the big merchant began to call into his room one person-one person for an interview and to find out the size of their intelligence and moral.all the applicants were interviewed with a variety of questions that were not small and with a considerable time except the young man,he was interviewed only a few questions and a short time.and in the end it was the young man who was chosen to be his secretary.

So another suitor found it strange and said to the big trader : " why do you instead choose a young man who is only interviewed with few questions, while we are interviewed with a lot of questions ?"

Then the merchant replied : " indeed he cleaned his footwear on the doormat when entering and closed the door gently and quietly, so I understood he always maintained cleanliness and courtesy.then when entering and exiting he did not forget to say greetings,then I understood he had a good moral.then he was patient when queuing and did not precede the others, therefore (because of his good moral ) I did not interview him with a long question and immediately chose him.





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