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Papaya fruit benefits


        Papaya fruit is a fruit that is often found and easy to get because of the large number of people who grow.papaya plant is known as a multipurpose plant because almost all parts from roots to leaves are beneficial for humans and animals.this plant can be used as food, drink, medicine, beauty, or as animal feed.

Papaya is an herbal plant from the caricaceae family that comes from central America and the western Indies and even the area around Mexico and Costa rica.

The following are some of the uses of papaya fruit as a medicinal ingredient, including the following:

A . Untimely grey hair

Change is a natural symptom in everyone's hair but occurs prematurely is a problem in itself .how to deal with it using 30 grams of ripe papaya seeds roasted, then mashed until it becomes powder, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, mix well and then apply it to the hair until evenly left for 1-2 hours, after that it can only be cleaned.do it 1 time a week.


To treat burns, sap from young papaya. How to use it is, young papaya sap is applied to burns, or young papaya is mashed then bandaged, on the sore spot (compressed).

C . Pimple

Use 30 grams of old papaya leaves that are dried in the sun for a while, then mashed add 30 CC of water, then use as a mask on acne-prone skin. The sap of a young papaya tree is applied to the acne-prone skin.

D . Rheumatism

How to treat rheumatism, use 30 grams of papaya root, 20 grams of lime leaves, 15 grams of fresh sambiloto, 20 grams of Chinese ketepang leaves, 30 grams of fresh betel leaves, 5 cayenne pepper. The ingredients are soaked in 75 percent alcohol for 7 days, then squeezed and filtered.the water is used to rub and sort the sore spot. Do it 2-3 times a day. Another way can be to use 1/2 teaspoon of the sap of the stem of something, eucalyptus oil to taste stirred well and then used to rub the sore spot.

E . Difficulty defecating

One of the causes of difficult bowel movements is the lack of fiber in the food it consumes. The way to fix it, namely by using 300 grams of cooked papaya that has been peeled off the skin, then recamed with salt water to taste, do it twice a day. Consume ripe papaya regularly

F . Inflammation of the Kidneys

How to treat inflammation of the kidneys use 300 grams of cleaned papaya root , boiled with 800 CC until 450 CC remains, sarong and add honey to taste, then taken 3 times a day 150 CC each. Or use 30 grams of cleaned papaya root , 30 spoons, 15 grams of fresh cat whiskers plant, 30 reed roots boiled with 800 CC of water until 400 CC remains. Then , filtered and drunk.do 2 times a day 200 CC each.

G . Stomach Pain During Menstruation

Menstruation is a thing that definitely happens to adult women, which can sometimes cause unpleasant side effects, for example stomach pain.if there is a way to overcome it: use 30 grams of papaya leaves, 30 grams of, 15 grams of sour fruit, salt to taste, ground to a fine taste add cooking water to taste and then squeeze until accommodated 200 CC, and drink at the time of menstruation.

H . Improves Appetite

Lack of appetite, will cause various unwanted things .nutritional input that is lacking , which can eventually cause other diseases .overcome by using 100 grams of fresh fresh papaya leaves that are mashed, add 200 CC of cooking water, then filtered and added honey, to taste , do 2-3 days a day, to drink.

Note: for serious diseases it is recommended Keep consulting a doctor.treatment is carried out as recommended .




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