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Procedures for prostration of recitations, prostration of gratitude and prostration of sahwi


Prostrate reciting,prostrate in gratitude and prostrate of sahwi 

Our ears must have heard the terms "sujud tilawah, sujud syukur and sujud sahwi". So there may have been in our minds, a question (what is sujud tilawah, sujud syukur and sujud sahwi?) is the prostration just the name of the deep prostration normal prayer ? how to do it? if it is not normal prostration, when is it done?   

It certainly confuses all of my friends. Well, here, we will explain about prostration of recitations, prostration of gratitude, prostration of sahwi, how and when to do it.

1.  Prostrate reciting

A.      The meaning of prostrate reciting

    What is called reciting prostration is circumcised prostration that is done when we read or listen to the recitation of the verse of prostration in the Qur'an. Regarding the verse of prostration, there are 15 verses of prostration in the Qur'an, namely :

Surah al-araf verse 206                                                                                                             وله يسجدون

Surah an-nahl verse  50      ويفعلون ما يؤمرون                                                                           

Surah ar-rad’u verse  15            بالغدوّ و الآصال                                                                             

Surah maryam verse  58       انّ لله يفعل مايشاء                                           

Surah israil verse  109     ويزيدهم خشوعا                                                      

Surah al-hajj verse 18    خرّوا سجّدا وّبكّيا                                                           

Surah al-hajj verse  77     لعّلكم تفلحون                                                             

Surah an-naml verse  26      ربّ العرش العظيم                                              

Surah al-furqan verse  60   وزادهم نفورا                                                     

Surah at-tonsil/as-sajadah verse 15 وهم لا يستكبرون                

Surah shad verse  24     راكعا وّاناب                                                                   

Surah fushilat verse  38   وهم لا يسئمون                                                         

Surah an-najm verse  62   فاسجدوالله و اعبدوا                                                   

Surah al-insyiqaq verse  21   لا يسجدون                                 


B.      How to do it (in prayer and outside prayer)

  The way to do it when you are in prayer, then after reciting the sajdah verse continue to say takbir and then prostrate 1 time, while prostrating say the prayer of recitation: 

.                                                          سَجَدَ وَجْهِيَ لِلَّذِى خَلَقَهُ وَسَقَّ سَمْعُهُ وَ وَبَصَرَهُ بِحَوْلِهِ وَقُوَّتِهِ

 "myself (my face) prostrate to the god who created him, and who has given him hearing and sight with His power and strength".

Then get up from prostration and return to continue the prayer.

  When in congregation, when the imam recites the verse of sajdah and then performs the prostration of tilawah, the ma'mum must prostrate even if he does not know why the imam is doing it. Similarly, if the imam does not prostrate, then the ma'mum cannot prostrate.

  How to do it when outside the prayer:

  • Facing the Qibla
  • Takbir (with the intention of prostrating recitation)
  • Prostrate (only 1 time)
  • sit back
  • salam.

If the person who reads the Qur'an does not do it, then the listener is not circumcised

2. Prostrate in gratitude

A.      Meaning of gratitude

   what is called sujud syukur is the circumcision prostration that is done when receiving great pleasure, avoiding danger and so on.

B.      How to do it

The way to do it is the same as prostration of recitations, only different in intention, prayer and not done when praying.

3. Prostrate of sahwi

    A. Meaning of prostration     

what is called prostrate of sahwi is a prostration done when you forget in prayer.

          B. How to do it     

                             The way to do it is the same as the 2 prostration above, the only difference is the intention, prayer            and time to do it. 

                            Sahwi prostration prayer:

سُبْحَانَ مَنْ لاَ يَنَامُ وَلاَ يَسْهُوْ   

Blessed is God who never sleeps and never forgets"

           The time to do the Sahwi prostration is after doing the final tahiyyat.      

            As for the things that cause prostration, among others:

  •   Forget the number of rak'ahs that have been done
  •   Abandoning ab'ad circumcision or part of it

               When the imam performs the Sahwi prostration, then the makmum is also obliged to do it even if there is no reason for it or even if the makmum has not finished his prayer.     

            prostrate of  sahwi is the law of circumcision, only to complete or complement the prayer. 


















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