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Prophet Hud Alaihissalam

 Prophet Hud Alaihissalam 

Prophet Hud Alaihissalam is a descendant of Sam Bin Nuh or the grandson of Prophet Noah. He too sent by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to preach to his people, namely the Ad people, a people who live in Al Ahqaf or north of Hadramaut are located in the land of Yemen. The Prophet Hud Alaihissalam called on his people to worship Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, and leave their religion which is worshiping idols, and forbid to persecute fellow human beings. Prophet Hud Alaihissalam was sent to the people of Ad, and they are famous (famous) because of their large and strong posture. They also have very large gardens, multiplied and abundant crops. With the wealth they have, which is very abundant, they can make very beautiful houses and palaces for their respective residences.

Because of the abundant happiness of life they forget their origin, they do not know where all the abundant blessings and graces come from. They thank the stones for all the blessings and graces they get, and they also ask the stones for help if they are afflicted with trouble and misery in their lives.

So that they do not get lost, the Prophet Hud Alaihissalam called on his people to worship to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala not to the idols they made themselves. As which is explained in the Qur’an Surah Al Hud verse 50. Meaning: 50. “And to the people of Ad (we sent) their brother, Hud. He said, O people, worship Allah, there is no god for you other than him. All this time you were just making it up.

Even though there had been a dialogue between Prophet Hud Alaihissalam and his people, they still did not want to accept Prophet Hud Alaihissalam’s invitation, but Prophet Hud Alaihissalam continued to invite them regardless of the welcome that Prophet Hud Alaihissalam received from those who disobeyed. Likewise, from time to time year after year, for hundreds of years, only very few even in a statement only 17 people were willing to accept the invitation of the Prophet Hud Alaihissalam.

It’s true they don’t want to believe they don’t want to stop being disobedient and also do evil, they just do what they want with no regard anyone, Because they have such a great arrogant nature that they don’t anyone can change it. So that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’Ala sends down His punishment to them for the first time, namely in the land of Ahqof which was hit by a long drought.

When the Ad people felt anxious, Prophet Hud Alaihissalam reminded them that the drought was the beginning of the punishment of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala but the Ad people did not believe it. Then came the second punishment, which was a thick black cloud. The people of Ad thought that the rain would soon fall on the earth which had been dry for a long time, watering the plants, giving water to the livestock.

The Prophet Hud Alaihissalam also said to them, “it is not a cloud of mercy, but a cloud that carries the wind of Samuun, which is a cold and strong wind and will kill you all.

A wind filled with a very painful torment.” Then the wind blew extremely violently. The cattle that were wandering in the meadows were scattered by the wind where they felt afraid to run and ride.

Walk into their respective homes. 7 nights 8 days, the soap wind blows as great as it is, let alone humans or animals, even rocks and mountains destroyed and swept away by a very powerful wind. That’s how the arrogant strong man becomes. Except for the Prophet Hud Alaihissalam and his people who believed as many as 17 people who were ordered by Allah Subhanallah Wa Ta’ala to save themselves to Hadramaut, and they were safe from the punishment of Allah Subhan Allah Wa Ta’ala.

After the incident, the Prophet Hud Alaihissalam and his people who believed remained in Hadramaut until they were 472 years old and died there.

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