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       This time we will discuss three magic words that are often forgotten by us, namely "sorry", "please", and "thank you". These three are words that look simple, but actually have a very big meaning and have a positive meaning for anyone who hears them. If they do have a positive meaning, but why are these words sometimes so difficult to get out of our mouths?

 1. Sorry

 Humans are prone to mistakes and mistakes, like the famous expression "nobody's perfect". From a rickshaw puller to even a president, he must have made a mistake. Even the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the greatest and greatest leader of mankind throughout history, once made a mistake and was reprimanded by Allah   when he turned his eyes away from a blind man named Abdullah bin Ummi Maktum who wanted to learn about Islam.

       It is depicted at that moment that the Messenger of God had a sour face and looked away from the blind man because he was entertaining the elders of the Quraysh tribe. For this attitude, God reprimanded him which is immortalized in the 80th chapter of the Qur'an, 'Abasa. This is what distinguishes between human beings. common with a Prophet. When a Prophet makes a mistake, the Almighty Creator directly gives reprimands in His own way.

       If a prophet who is actually awake from sin makes a mistake, how can we do this? But why is it still so difficult to say the word "sorry"? The answer is because "sorry" requires extraordinary sincerity for those who say it. In addition, many do not want to. saying because of the wrong assumption so far which states that apologizing is directly proportional to defeat, weakness and helplessness.

       Even though it's not like that. Apologizing will actually make us more noble, not only on the human side but also on the side of Allah. On the human side, apologizing will foster a sense of affection between fellow humans. If the person who apologizes is sincere and sincere, then it can be felt by the person being apologized, and it will reconnect the relationship between the two. A long-standing feud can only be resolved if one party takes the initiative to apologize.

       In the sight of Allah, people who sincerely apologize to others will be seen by Him as humble and not arrogant. Pride is often the   reason why we do not want to apologize. From being arrogant because of wealth, position or rank, to arrogance because feel innocent. Arrogance is the nature of Satan because that is the nature that was shown for the first time when he did not want to prostrate to Prophet Adam.

       Arrogance can prevent a person from entering Paradise, even though the form of arrogance is very small. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, "No one will enter Paradise who has arrogance in his heart even if it is only as big  as a mustard seed." (HR. Muslim)

       Apologizing can eliminate the pride that is in the heart because it allows us to accept ourselves as creatures that are impossible to escape from mistakes. Saying "sorry" does not mean we admit defeat, but it brings victory because we are able to master the emotions of arrogance in our hearts . "Sorry" teaches that all humans are equal and the truth is the right of everyone, without exception.

    2. Please

      Humans were created as social creatures. That is, they will not be able to live without the help of others. In fact, even until we die we still need help, at least 4 people, to lift our bodies and put them in the grave. After realizing this fact, then why is the word "please" difficult to pronounce? Moreover, for people who feel they have a high social position.

       In fact, social position is influential in the field of work, and does not affect anything, and not in human degrees. There is no difference in status between humans, except for the level of piety. The word "please" makes us aware of our limitations and weaknesses. “please” makes us more able to accept ourselves as we are, and see what we can and cannot do.

       There are some people who don't feel the need to ask for help because they think the person we are ordering is actually doing their job. Like when an employer asks to wash clothes, maybe the employer already thinks that one of the maid's duties is washing clothes, so there's no need to tell him anymore. with the appendage of the word "please". Sometimes in life there are times when we are   at the top there are times when we are at the bottom, because life is like a spinning wheel.

       Allah said, "...And help each other in (doing) virtue and piety, and do not help each other in sinning and enmity..." (QS. Al-Maidah [5]:2).

        If there is someone who asks us for help and we are in a capacity capable of helping him, then it is obligatory to provide help. Moreover, if the person who asks for help is in an oppressed condition.

       As the Messenger of Allah has explained in his hadith, "Help your brothers who do wrong and those who are wronged." The friends also asked, "We do indeed help those who are wronged, but how do we help those who do wrong?" The Prophet replied, "Helping to prevent him from continuing to do injustice means that you have helped him." (Bukhari and Ahmad)

   3.Thank you

       Saying "thank you" is one of our forms of gratitude to Allah SWT through a human intermediary. Gratitude itself is something commanded by Allah SWT in His words, "And remember when your Lord informed you: 'Indeed if you are grateful, I will surely add (favors) to you, but if you deny (my favors), then surely my punishment will be very severe." (QS. Ibrahim [14:7)

       In this verse, it is actually the same with relationships with fellow human beings. When we get help/assistance from other people, then we appreciate it by   saying "thank you" for all the help, then we can be sure that person will feel happy and want to help again in the future. another chance.

       Never forget to say "thank you", because it is an appreciation for all the goodness that has been given to us by others. But unfortunately, we often forget to say this magic word. For some others, "thank you" is very difficult to say because saying "thank you" requires sincerity from the one who said it.

        Always remember the 3 magic words

      Never forget to always make it a habit to say the words “sorry”, “please”, and “thank you” to anyone because the power of these words is extraordinary. Not only for those who hear, but also for those who say. These three words will train us to learn to respect others. By being able to respect others, we have respected ourselves.

         By saying it often, the relationship between humans will be built better. If the relationship is maintained, then we just have to wait for a bonus from Allah. One of the hadiths that tell about friendship is, "Whoever feels happy when his sustenance is facilitated and his age is extended, then let him keep the ties of kinship.” (HR. Muslim).






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