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Short biography of Imam Al Ghazali



Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Ahmad Ath Tusi or who is often called Imam Al-Ghazali (See Adz Dzahabi Siyar Alam Nubala’ 19/323 and As Subki, Thabagat Ash Syallyab 6/191) was born in the city of Thus, in the year 450 H (See Adz Dzahabi, Siyar Alam Nubala’ 19/326 and As Subki, Thabanat Asy Syafiyah 6/193 and 194).

Imam Al Ghazali ta is only known as a great scholar and famous Sufism figure, butAlso known as an educator whose teachings are widely followed and estimated and thoughtHis educational thinking is widely applied today. With that fact, it can be saidThat Imam Al Ghazali is a philosopher, Sufi, scholar, and educator who is very well known both in the east and in the west.

Imam Al Ghazali was born in an area in Persia the area is adjacent to the village thus in Khurasan, Persia, He was born around the middle of the 5th century Hijriyah or the 10th century AD. Precisely in the year 450 Hijriyah or 1059 AD to mark his origins, the name of his place of birth was used as his last name. So the full name of Imam Al Ghazali

Become Abu Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad Al Ghazali ath-thusias-saf From the full name of Imam Al Ghazali there are two titles behind his name which refer to two things, namely the title ath thus which is said to be taken from the name of his place of birth, the village thus diishurasan, and the title as syaf which is taken from the name of one of the schools in Islam

Namely the Shafi School. While knowing his nickname, namely Al Ghazali, it is said that he was given by his father. It should be noted that Imam Al Ghazali came from a poor family so that his father was a wool spinner. According to historical stories, the name Al Ghazali given by his father comes from the word “Ghazal, which means a dot spun threader other than because of his father.Was a wool spinner, the name “Ghazali” was also taken from his place name Born, namely the village of Ghazalah

Imam Al-Ghazali has produced many works in various fields such as; philosophy, Sufism, education, figih, science of kalam Usul fiah morality, and others the total point of Imam Al Ghazali’s work according to the commentators of his monumental work (ibya Ulumuddin) is approximately 50 pieces, however, Badawi tabanah in his muqaddimah Ihya Ulumuddin wrote works.Imam Al Ghazali numbered 47 units, regardless of the difference in the number, here are some of the works of Imam Al Ghazali that had the greatest influence on Muslim thought.

1.       Megashid Al falasifah the goals of the philosophers). This book or book is the first work of Imam Al Ghazali when he was still struggling with philosophy. This book contains philosophical problems;

2.       Tabafut Al falasifah (chaos of the mind of the philosophers). This work is the work of the priestAl Ghazali is the most correct and famous in the field of philosophy, the point of content of the book about20 Imam Al Ghazali’s rebuttal to the thoughts of previous philosophers (Aristotle, Al Farabi, and Ibn Sina). Through this book, he criticizes and criticizes philosophers with Hard. The object that is used as a rebuttal is in the field of metaphysics

   Ihya Ulumuddin (reviving the science of religious jurisprudence). This is the monumental and phenomenal work of Imam Al Ghazali in the field of Sufism. If in philosophy there is tahafat Al falasifah, then in Sufism there is ibyo Ulumuddin, the point of this book is the masterpiece of Imam Ali Ghazali, and until now the book is still the main reference in Islamic boarding schools. Indonesian Islamic Boarding School this book contains a guide on figih, Sufism, and philosophy. Almungidz min odl-dlalal. Another book that succeeded in catapulting the name of Imam Al GhazalLalah Al-mungidz min adi-dialal this book is a history of the development of the mindImam Al Ghazali and reflect on his attitude towards various kinds of knowledge and paths Achieving goals

  •  A Ma’arif Al aqliyah (rational knowledge)
  •   Misykat Al Anwar lights that shine a lot) this book contains the moraAl-ikhtishad fi al-‘tiqod:
  •  Ayyuhal walad (O son):
  •  Al-mustasyfa (the chosen one);     
  •  Mjam al-awwam’an’ilm al-kalam;. Mizon al-alamal (charity scales).

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