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surrender to the almighty


1.Understanding tawakal

The word tawakal comes from the Arabic language ,which means to surrender ,represent. In terms of "tawakal" means surrendering to Allah Swt in all affairs. Because we are aware that the one who governs everything is Allah Swt.Tawakal to Allah must be done after trying his best according to his ability

If we are committed to Allah but not based on our efforts (endeavors) first ,then it is really not true in the religion of Islam.

There is a story in the hadith of the prophet Muhammmad Saw about tawakal and effort

''One day a friend came to visit him in his house on a camel. After he (the friend) was in front of the prophet's house, the camel he was riding on just let go. Out came the Prophet from inside his house to entertain his guest.

There was a conversation between the two :

·        Messenger of Allah : ''O my friend ,with whom are you here?''

·        Friend :''I rode a camel, O Messenger of Allah''

·        Messenger of Allah :''Where is your camel now?''

·        Friend :''Outside , I let go O Messenger of Allah''

·        The Messenger of Allah ''Have you moored your camel?''

·        Friend :''Not yet,But I've been laughing at God upon my camel.''

Then the apostle replied ''Moor your camel and then laugh at Allah.''

The friend then tethered his camel to a pole, then returned to face the messenger of Allah. From this story we can learn the lesson that laughter to God must be preceded by earnest efforts.

2.Manned commands

Tawakal to allah is a matter that is required in the religion of islam.as in his word :

فاذاعزمت فتوكّل علي اللة.ان اللة يحب المتوكّلين( ال عمران ) 


.......Then, when you have made up your mind,then be devoted to God.Truly,God loves . (Q.S Ali Imran) 

وعلي الله فتوكّلوا ان كنتم مّؤمنون المائدة


.......and be devoted only to God,if you are people of faith. ( Q.S.al-Maidah : 22 )

These two verses serve as arguments about the obligation to pray to God in all matters of any kind. 

3.Tawakal wisdom

    Every good deed must have great benefits and wisdom for the culprit. The wisdom of tawakal is as follows:

Ø Growing the awareness of the weakness of ourselves as human beings

Ø Acknowledge the greatness of Allah Swt

Ø Gaining determination

Ø Obtaining physical and inner satisfaction

Ø The creation of peace of mind and our hearts

Ø Fostering a sense of closeness to the Khaliq


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