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The best medical universities that students are interested in in Asia



  For prospective students who want to continue their studies specifically in the field of medicine and are confused about choosing a campus, we will explain the best universities in the field of medicine in the Asian region in 2022.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

  Not only is it the best medical university in the Asia region, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is the first ranked university in Asia as well as the 22nd best university in the world, according to a world magazine source.

           The university which was founded in 1980, this campus     began with an entrepreneur named Tan Jiak Kim establishing a medical school specifically for the local community. Then in 1980 in collaboration with Nanyang university, Dan has many faculties.   

2.   The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  The college, which was founded on October 17, 1963, is the best medical university after NUS, which is located in Asia.

The university, known as CUHK , was founded based on a vision and mission to combine traditional education and modernity between China and the West.     

 Seoul National University

Is the most prominent university located in the capital area of ​​South Korea, namely the city of Seoul. It was founded on August 22, 1946.

  This college has a high quality in the field of medicine on campus. And is in the order of 55 best universities in the world today.


4.The University of Hong Kong

    Located in Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong as the oldest university in Hong Kong, it was founded by Fedrick Lugard, one of the former governors of Hong Kong who was born in India. Currently, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has 10 academic faculties including the best medical faculty in Hong Kong. 

5.The University of Tokyo   

     The next best medical university is in a country which is famously dubbed "The Rising Sun" . ofTokyo. This campus with approximately 28,000 students is one of the best universities in Japan.         

 Located in the Bunkyo City area, Hong Kong, a campus that attracts many local and international students is the campus with the best medical field in Japan.

6.National Taiwan University

   In the city of Taipei, Taiwan there is a famous university which was founded in 1928 by Hiroshi Shidehara as its first president, now led by Lee Shi-chin. This university, which is widely known as NTU, has an educational standard equivalent to the United States. In the field of medicine, this university has built a special hospital for research and education.

  Currently NTU has 11 faculties, 54 departments and 96 postgraduate institutions (Doctors and Masters) and approximately 30,000 students.

7. Kyoto University

    Kyoto University is the 2nd oldest university which is located in Kyoto, Japan. The education system at this university is based on the German system which adheres to the concept of freedom in learning, teaching and research. 

  This large university has 2 branches representing campuses in the Southeast Asia region, precisely in the Bangkok, Thailand area (since 1963) and in Jakarta.Indonesia. (since 1970)

The purpose of holding representatives in Southeast Asia is as a form of exchange and research activities for CSEAS, which is the center for Southeast Asian studies. 

This is a summary of the best universities in the field of medicine in the Asian region. Maybe we already know that most universities in the field of medicine and technology are superior to universities in the West Asian region.       














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