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·      What is the law saying "God is in every place"?

the law must not be. the scholars affirm the error of those who assume that God is in every place. note some of the scholar's comments as follows:

A. Al-Hafidz al-Baihaqi (458 H) says:

" how many verses I have written shows the error of the jahmiyyah faction that says that Allah is in every place. whereas what the Word of Allah means "And he is with you wherever you are"(Q.S. al-hadid: 4) is with his knowledge, not with his Substance.

B. Al-Hafidz ibn Katsir (744 H) said:

"Related to the verse "And he is god (who is worshipped), both in heaven and on earth; He knows what you keep secret and what you are born of and knows (also) what you are doing (Q.S. al-An'am: 3), the scholars disagree in interpreting the verse. But they still reached an agreement that the jahmiyyah opinion was a vanity opinion. Allah is supreme from the words of the jahmiyyah people who believe that Allah is in every place. In a strong opinion, the proper interpretation of the above verse is that the inhabitants of the earth and the heavens worship, worship, and acknowledge the lordship of God. They all prayed to God out of love and fear, except for the pagan beings of the jinn and human classes.

C. Al-Hafidz Ibn Hajar al-'asqalani (852 H) said:

"The opinion of some mu'tazilah groups that Allah is in every place is a folly.

·        Mention the postulate that asserts that God does not need a place!

The postulate is that no one needs a place except creatures. Allah azza wa jalla is the Khalik, not a being, and He is not a Substance similar to His being. God said: There is nothing like Him and He is the one who hears and sees. (Q.S. ash-shura: 11)

The Messenger of Allah said:

That is to say: O Allah, You are the first Substance, there is nothing before you are the last Substance, there is nothing after you, and you are the Substance that Zhahir, there is nothing above you. You are hidden, no one is more hidden than You. Free myself from debt and empower me from infamy. (H.R. Muslim)

Al-Hafidz al-Baihaqi, in kitab al-asma' wa as-shifat, said:

"Some scholars use this hadith as a postulate that Allah does not need a place. If there is nothing upon Him and below Him, surely God does not need a place.

·        Do scholars agree that God is not in place?

Yes. Here are the opinions of the scholars about the agreement (ijma'):

A. Imam Abdul Qahir al-Baghdadi (429 H) said:

"The Ahlussunah wal pilgrims Agreed that Allah is not housed and does not take time.

B. Imam Haramain Abdul Malik bin Abdullah Al-Juwaini (478 H) said:

"the ahlu al-haq school agrees that Allah is all-noble from place and direction.

C. Imam Fakhruddin Ar-Razi (606 H) said:

"The scholars agree that God does not need a place and a direction.

D. Sheikh ismai'il As-Shaibani Al-Hanafi (629 H)

"Ahlu al-haq argues that Allah is noble from a place, does not reside in a place, and does not need direction. This opinion is not in line with the thinking of the Karramiyyah and Mujassimah factions.

·        Is it okay to ask the question "Where is God"?

No. We are not allowed to ask "Where is God?" "How is God?" "Why Allah?" as affirmed by Al-Hafidz Ibn Hajar Al-'Asqalaani in his work Fathul Bari. He said: "reason has no right to inquire about God's deeds, and has no authority to refute God's laws. it is even obligatory upon creatures to be obedient and submissive, for reason cannot possibly know the secrets of the lordship. Then it is impossible for us to ask why and how God makes laws. Nor should we ask where God is."

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