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The books that Allah Swt handed down to His apostle totaled 104 books. However, all we must know are 4 books, namely the Qur'an, zaburt,torah and gospel.

For now we will discuss the histories of the passing down of these books.

1. The Book of torah

When he was a teenager ,Prophet Moses A.s once beat a young man from the Qibti tribe to death. Because the Qibti people were supporters of Pharaoh,So he ordered his soldiers to arrest the prophet Moses.Then Prophet Moses fled to the area of Madyan land,where he lived Prophet Syu'aib a.s.

In this land Allah Swt appointed him to marry the daughter of the Prophet Syu'aib named Sapphira.After staying there for a long time, Prophet Moses decided to return to his regional origin, namely Egypt.

On the way the Prophet Moses saw a fire on a hill called Tuwa.Then he came to the place and saw afterwards a ray that shone very brightly.

That was a sign from Allah Swt that he received the first revelation and was made a prophet and apostle. He received/received the book of torah when he left his people for 40 days on the hill of Thursina.

The Torah is one of the three components of Thora, Nabiin and Khetubin (the Bible), while Christians call it the Old Testament

The content of this book is divided into 5 main parts including:

·         The book of genesis, containing the happenings of the universe, the creation of Adam and Eve etc.

·         The book of exodus,contains the story of the Prophet Moses and Pharaoh,10 commandments of Allah Swt (Ten Commandement). The contents are as follows:

Ø Honor and love Allah Swt

Ø Call the name of Allah with reverence

Ø Sanctify the day of God

Ørespect the parents

Ø Don't kill

Ø Don't be obfuscated

Ø Don't steal

Ø Don't lie

Ø Don't want to be obscene

Ø Do not own other people's goods in a non-kosher way

·         The book of the priesthood contains the Jewish religious shari'a

·         The book of numbers,contains 12 derived souls at the time of Prophet Moses A,s.

·         The book of deuteronomy contains the expulsion of the prophet Moses from the land of Egypt and the Shari'a association.

2. The Book of Zabur

Zabur is the name of the book that Allah gave to the Prophet Dawud A.s.Zabur derived from the word Zabura-yazburu-zaburan which means to write. Zabur is also referred to in Arabic by its psalm and plural mazamir.

The book contains 150 songs that Prophet Dawud delighted by revealing all the journeys and experiences during his lifetime.

The experiences include sin, fall, forgiveness of sins, joy of war victory over his enemies and the glory of Allah Swt.


The book of zabur is a teaching that contains five types of singing, namely:

A. Devotional hymns in praise of the lord

B. Individual singing as thanksgiving to god

C. Lamentations of the pilgrims

D. Individual prayer

E. Song to the king

Prophet Dawud A.s stated that the essence of the 10 commandments remains the guide of life

Although Allah Swt sent down the book of Zabur specifically to him.


3. The Gospels

The gospel is the book that God handed down to the prophet Isa A.s.The essence of this book contains an invitation to the people of the prophet Isa to live away from worldly armatics and greed. This was intended to straighten out the Jewish people's view of the nature of materiality (attaching importance to the life of the world).

The gospels are different from the earlier gospels, because of the large number of followers of the prophet Isa who included their own writings in the Gospels.


They are Martius, Mark, Luke and Yahya.Therefore the Gospels are named after them for example, the Gospel of Martius, the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Yahya.

In the beginning there were approximately 70 gospels in the world. However, in 325 A.D., a meeting of churches was held to decide which gospels could be used by the community and recognized by the church.


4 recognized gospels were chosen and the rest were not recognized or called Apocrypha i.e. rejected gospels.


4. The Qur'an

The Qur'an is a book that was handed down to the prophet of the last days, the prophet, the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. The purpose of lowering the Qur'an became the perfection of the previous books (Torah, Zabur, and Gospels)


This book was handed down to the prophet Muhammad when he was preaching in the Cave of Hira.Through the intermediary of the angel Gabriel the prophet Muhammad received the first revelation of surah Al-alaq 1-5.


The Qur'an is the most important life guide for man because the entire content of the Qur'an explains the beginning of man's life, important events until the end of his life.