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The inspirational story of a Muslim caliph


            One night Caliph Umar bin Khattab ra came out to see the state of his people. He was accompanied by a servant. They both walked in the halls of the city of Medina. In the distance Caliph Umar bin Khattab saw a burning fire.

            Umar said to his assistant "I saw there was a fire, it looks like there is something cold in there. Let's go there!"

            Umar and his assistants rushed to the place where the fire was burning. When Umar and his servants approached, they found a woman and her young children. The children were complaining of hunger and were circling a large pot on the fire.

            A child said "I'm hungry Ummi, I want to eat. It's been two days I haven't eaten and also the air is very cold. My stomach hurts Ummi .."

            His mother calmed him and replied, "You and your siblings, wait a moment until the food is cooked!"

            Then one of the children replied "We have been waiting since this afternoon Ummi. Why is the food not cooked yet? How long do we have to wait for Ummi?"

            His mother was silent. At that time the Caliph Umar approached and said greetings, "Assalamu'alaikum!"

            The mother replied "Wa'alaikumussalam"

            Umar asked "May I come closer?"

            The mother replied "Come closer if you bring goodness. If not, then go!"

            Umar asked "What is going on here?"

            "We haven't eaten in two days. We're cold and hungry."

            Then Umar observed the crying children around the pot. Umar asked,

            "Why are your children crying?"

            "They are hungry and cold."

            "Then what's in that pot?"

            "Water. So that they may be quiet and fall asleep."

            "Did you not tell this to Caliph Umar?"

            "He's the one who should know our plight. He has horses as well as thousands of employees and soldiers. He shouldn't be able to sleep peacefully in his house   while there are people like us who feel hunger and cold."

            Hearing the woman's words, Umar's heart was very sad. The woman did not know at all that there was Caliph Umar bin Khattab ra. Then Umar rushed to take his assistant to the wheat storage warehouse. Umar took a sack of wheat.

            Umar said "Come on, put it on my shoulder!"

            His assistant stopped Umar and said "No Caliph, let me carry him!"

            Hearing the words of his assistant Umar became angry and rebuked, "Are you going to bear my sins too on the Day of Judgment!"

            The maid was silent and could not answer. He then put the sack on Umar's shoulder. Umar also carried several liters of ghee. Umar rushed to the woman's house. He did not care about the weight of the burden and the cold at night. After that, the fire that was boiling the pot was almost extinguished. The children who had been crying had fallen asleep. Umar put the sack containing wheat and ghee that he was carrying on the ground. He then put some firewood and blew it until the fire grew again. Then came out. for a while looking for water and adding water to the pot. Then he took the wheat with both hands and put it in the pot. Once it was boiling Umar stirred it until it was cooked. Then he said to the woman,

            "Now wake your children to eat."

            The hungry children woke up and ate with gusto. After eating they played and fell asleep very soundly. The woman said, "Jazakallah khair, may Allah reward you with goodness and double rewards."

            Before leaving Umar said "Tomorrow you come to the place of Caliph Umar bin Khattab ra. He will give you the right as a recipient of state compensation!"

            In the morning the woman left for the middle of the city of Medina to meet the Caliph Umar bin Khattab ra. And how surprised the woman was when she found out that the Caliph Umar bin Khattab wasthe one who carried and cooked the wheat last night.




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