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The law of marriage in islam

 Marriage in islam

1.understanding and marriage law

a.understanding marriage

       marriage is a necessity that can justify the association of a man and a woman who were not originally mahrams, Mahram is a woman or man who is still a close relative so that it makes it impossible to perform marriage between the two. The relationship that causes mahram there are three causes, namely due to the cause of heredity, seclusion, and marital relationship) becomes mahram and gives rise to the existence of rights and obligations for both.but in another sense marriage is a birth and inner bond between a man and a woman to live life together under one roof of a house called a household and the process of obtaining shah offspring according to islamic sharia law 

b.marriage law

        The Messenger of Allah (Pbuh) once said:

               عن انس ابن مالك رضي الله عنه :انّ النّبي صلّى عليه وسلّم حمد الله واثنى عليه وقال :لكنّي انا اصلّى وانام واصوم وافطر واتروّز النّساء فمن رغب عن سنتي فليس منّي            


from anas bin malik ra that the prophet saw praised Allah Swat and flattered him,he besabda :"but I do the prayers,I sleep,I fast,I eat and I marry women,whoever does not like my slavery,then he is not among my golonagan".                 

regarding this matter, the jumhur scholars stipulate that the marriage law is of 5 kinds:



       This mandatory law applies to who has reached the age of maturity in spiritual and physical form, and has costs in the process of marriage and provisions in providing for his wife, as well as for people who are worried and afraid that they will fall into heinous acts (adultery).



This sunnah law applies to a person who has the provision to support his family (his wife), capable in spiritual and physical terms and there is no worry (fear) of falling into despicable deeds (adultery).


        This illegitimate law applies to whoever marries for the purpose of harming his wife and is merely            a mere game or merely intended to extort his property.


This makruh law applies to who has reached the age of maturity in spiritual and physical form as well as for a person who does not worry and fears that he will fall into a heinous act (adultery).,but does not yet have the cost or provision to carry out marriage and the needs of him and his wife.so for such a person it is recommended to fast frequently, because fasting can withstand and dampen the turmoil of the shahwat.as the hadith rosul saw:

"whoever is incapable of marriage, then fasting for fasting can be a keeper for him".



        this law applies to who is not pressed for various reasons that oblige marriage or prohibit it.


c. terms and conditions of marriage

       The condition or pillar of marriage is the main thing that must be carried out and fulfilled during the wedding process, so that the marriage will be considered shah according to Islamic sharia law.

        As for the conditions and harmony in marriage, there are 5, namely:

  •       The future husband (a variety of Muslims, a man and marriage is not the basis of coercion)
  •       Future wife muslim religion, a woman and not someone else's wife )
  •       Marriage guardian (male, Muslim, baligh, sensible, just and not servant of sahaya (free))
  •       Witnesses (2 men of muslim religion,baligh sensible and free/not a servant sahaya(slave))              who were( present at the ijab qabul event.
  •       Ijab and qabul (lafadz/words spoken by the perpetrators of the marriage contract, namely the        groom and the bride's guardian).








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