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The proud lion inspiration story

Motivational story of the lion and the mouse

     It is said that one day a valiant and mighty lion was fast asleep in the middle of a cool forest surrounded by trees, a small and innocent mouse came past the lion, walking past the lion's head, the lion woke up from his sleep. with an annoyed and angry face, and the lion caught the mouse angrily and annoyed, the lion intended to kill the mouse. -until the lion touched his heart and felt sorry for the mouse and the lion let him go.

     Later in the day the lion felt hungry and wandered around the forest in search of prey or food that he could eat, when he was walking around in the middle of the forest, unconsciously the lion was caught by a net trap that was raised on a tree and the lion was shocked, scared and drowned, while uttered a loud roar, until a forest heard its roar and at that time the rat who was being attacked by a lion at that time, was relaxing in the forest and heard the lion's roar , in a hurry the rat ran to find the source of the roar and the voice sounded very loud and close until the mouse found the lion who was on the tree stuck or caught in a very strong net, and the lion was already tired, helpless and quickly the mouse looked for a way to help the lion.

And the mouse said "don't be afraid, lion, I will definitely help you". In a hurry, the mouse found a way to help the lion by biting the net trap that caught the lion, bit by bit the net was quickly broken, and the lion escaped safely and happily. And the lion felt ashamed and felt very indebted to him and thanked him for his help. Then said the lion 'I did not think that a small and weak animal like you would be willing to help me while an animal like me was not willing to save myself'. mice  smiled while saying 'don't insult something small and weak because everything has its advantages' And in the end the lion and the mouse were friends to help and advise each other.

     So the lesson from the story is that none of us should feel that we are superior to others, feel stronger, feel the most capable, feel that we have rank, so that other people below us are physically weak, who can't do as you do. do it, and the rank is low or the ordinary people you just lower it that we need to know that everything must have its own advantages and in the sky there is still a sky, and we usually don't realize and think he is the most powerful than the others, but In essence, there are those who are more powerful than us, namely, our God, all of nature, who is more powerful among us, even our wealth, rank, mate, life and death have been regulated by our God throughout the world,even we were created by the god of the whole universe our God who is the creator, namely the one who created everything In this earth and universe, what can we do to behave arrogantly, feel the most powerful, able, and powerful while there are even more powerful among us, namely Allah Swt.


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