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the punishment of women story who are sinners


The Story of a Woman Who Booked a Room in Hell

          One day a woman who was influenced by the Western way of life took a minibus to her destination in Alexandria, Egypt.

          The woman’s clothes are very flashy. Her clothes are quite thin and very sexy. Almost all parts of the body that should be hidden for a woman from the eyes of men or her mahram are visible.

          On the bus, an old man covered in gray hair rebuked him:

          “O young woman, it would be nice if you dress well, which is in accordance with the customs and rules of your Islamic religion, it is better than dressing like this which will surely fall victim to the wild views of men.” The old man advised.

          But the advice that was very much in line with religious demands was answered by the girl with a mocking answer. “Who are you old man? Are you trying to remind me to cover my private parts completely when my own parents never advised me? Do you want me to dress to cover my private parts when I still want to show my body in public? Do you have the keys to heaven in your hand? Or do you have some kind of power that determines whether I will be in heaven or hell?

          After saying those words that deeply cut the old man’s feelings, the girl laughed out loud mockingly. Not only that, the girl tried to give her cell phone to the old man while saying more powerfully.

          “If Islam is true, put my house in hell, also my mobile phone and contact God and please put me in a room in hell.” Then burst out laughing.

          The old man was surprised to hear the answer from the girl. Too bad her pretty and pretty face didn’t match her bad manners.

          The other passengers also fell silent. Some even shook their heads because they couldn’t understand the girl’s behavior. Ten minutes later the bus arrived at the stop. The passengers got off the bus, but the hot-mouthed sexy girl fell asleep in front of the bus door.

          A second later the people on the bus shook their heads in disbelief, the girl had met the power in an unexpected body condition. The girl’s body fell to the side of the road. The crowd tried to save the corpse, but they were once again taken aback. Something strange happened to the girl’s corpse lying stiff on the highway. His corpse turned black like a fire. Two three people who tried to lift the corpse were also surprised because their hands felt hot and almost burned when they touched the body of the corpse. Is his desire to book a room in hell in Allah’s approval. Wallahu a'lam

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