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Imam Hasan Al-Bashri was a prominent tabiin cleric in the city of Bashrah. He is known as a scholar who is big-spirited and practices what he teaches. He was also a cleric who was close to the small people and was loved by the small people.

Imam Hasan Al-Bashri had a NeighborIng Christian. That neighbor had a restroom for peeing in the attic Above his house. The roofs of the house of Imam Hasan Al-Bashri and his Christian neighbors were joined together. The urine from his neighbor's restroom seeped and dripped into Imam Hasan Al-Bashri's room. But he was patient and didn't mind that at all. He told him to put down the container to block the urine droplets so that they would not flow anywhere.

It lasted for twenty years and Imam Hasan Al-Bashri did not talk about it or tell his neighbors at all. He wanted to truly practice the words of the Messenger of Allaah sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Which reads

" whoever has faith in Allah Almighty and the last day then glorify his neighbor."

One day Imam Hasan Al- Bahsri became ill. His Nasrani neighbors also came to his house to visit. But he felt strange when he saw that there was water dripping from above in the Imam's room. He looked intently at the drops of water collected in the container, And it turned out to be urine. The neighbor immediately understood that the urine was seeping from his small room which he made above the attic of his house. And what made him wonder why Imam Hasan Al-Bashri didn't say anything to him.

The Nazarene also asked " Imam, Since when have you been patient with our drops of urine seeping into this room?"

Imam Hasan al-basri Silent did not answer. He did not want to make his neighbors feel bad but his neighbor urged " O Imam Tell us honestly Since when have you been patient over our urine drops. If you don't say then we will feel very bad."

Imam Hasan Al-Basri also replied in a hoarse voice " since twenty years ago."

The Nazarene replied "why don't you tell me?"

"Our prophet taught to glorify neighbors. He said in his hadith, whoever has faith in Allah Almighty and the last day then glorify his neighbors!. "

          Immediately, the Nasrani neighbor immediately uttered two sentences of the creed after hearing the Imam's words. He and his entire family converted to Islam.



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