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It is said, that Ayu bin is bin Ishaq alaihissalam. Was a Roman, while his mother was the daughter of the Prophet Luth alaihissalam. Job alaihissalam was a smart man, a cleanser, a guide and a wise man. His father was a wealthy man who owned camels, oxen, goats, horses, and donkeys. At that time, in the land of the Levant there was no one who matched his wealth. And after his Father passed away, all his father's wealth was transferred to the Prophet Job alaihissalam. He was married to Rahma, Daughter of afrasyim bin Yusuf alaihissalam.

From his wife, the Prophet Job alaihissalam. God was blessed 12 times, and each of his wife's wombs contained sons and daughters. Then Allah sent the prophet Job as an apostle to his people, namely the inhabitants of the lands of Hauran and Tih. And God gave him noble ethics and compassionate feelings, which no one violated him by lying about him or denying him in terms of his glory and the glory of his ancestors. Then Job gave some sharia to his people and built several mosques for them. Ayu had several banquets that he served to the poor and the guests. For the orphans, Job was like a loving father. To widows, he was like a gentle husband. To the weak, he was like a compassionate brother. Job told his representatives and confidants not to reject anyone from his orchard and fruits. Meanwhile, his livestock every year is multiplying. But he was not at least pleased with it all, he said : "My Lord, these are Your gifts to Your servants in the prisons of the world. How then how with your gift in heaven to those who gain your glory in the land of your supper?

Meanwhile Job's heart never neglected to be grateful for the favors of his Lord And his orality never ceased from mentioning his asthma, so that the devil became so spiteful to him, he said : "verily Job has truly gained the world and the hereafter".

Satan intends to destroy Job in one of his worlds or hereafter, or both. In those days, the cursed demon used to rise to the 7th sky, then stop anywhere he liked. One day, it's like a demon going up there. The mighty God rebuked him : "O cursed creature, how do you see my servant Job , and do you gain anything from him?".

Satan replied: "My Lord, in fact Job worshipped you because you had given him the riches of the world and well-being. Had it not been for that, surely he would not have worshipped you, for he was a servant of welfare."

"You lie", sanggar Allah ta'ala." for indeed I know, that he will still worship and thank me, even if he has no wealth of the world".

"Give me power over it, O Lord", the devil said. "Then behold, how I will make him forget from mentioning your asthma, and I make him neglect to worship you".

So God gave him power to do anything against Job, besides his spirit and tongue. The devil came home happily, and then he went to the shore. There, he shouted loudly, so that not a genie, neither male nor female, but came all swarming around him. Then they asked: "what is the throbbing that has befallen you, O our leader?"

Satan replied: "verily I have had an opportunity which I have never had since I brought out Adam from heaven. Wherefore, help me tempt Job".

So the demons quickly spread, and they burned and destroyed every of Job's treasures. Then the devil set out to meet Job as. At that time Job was praying inside the Mosque.the devil rebuked : "will you continue to worship your god in these circumstances that are disastrous for you?". While he has sent fire from the sky burning all your possessions to ashes!

The prophet Job alaihissalam. Did not immediately answer the words of the devil. He finished his prayer first, and then he said: "all praise be to Allah who has given me, then take it back from me". Then he stood up again and continued his prayers. Then went the demons for nothing. Humiliated and regretted his deeds. The prophet Job alaihissalam. He had 14 children, eight boys and 6 girls. Every day, they ate at the house of one of their brothers. On that day they were at the house of their eldest brother named Harmal. Suddenly there came a company of demons besieging the house, then tearing it down so that it fell on the sons of Job alaihissalam. So all the sons of Job died together. Among them, there are those in their mouths who still have a bite of food, some whose hands are still holding glasses.

Then the devil went to see Job alaihissalam, who was still performing prayers at that time. Satan rebuked him : "do you still still worship your god, while he has torn down the house on your children, so that they all perish?!".

Job alaihissalam. Did not answer the words of the demon at all. He continued his prayers until after the prayer, only then did he say: "O cursed being, all praise be to Allah who has given to me and then taken back from me. Treasures and children are trials for both men and women. God has taken the trial from me so that I may fully worship my Lord". Then go the devil without bringing results. In a state of loss and anger.

Then the devil came to Job again when he was praying. When he bowed down, the devil blew into Job's nose and mouth. So Job's body became swollen and sweated profusely. He felt a bad feeling for him. His wife, Rahma, comforted, saying : "this is the result of grief for the property and the calamity that befell the children. While at night, kanda still prays and during the day fasts, without a moment's rest. And never felt a sense of relief".

Then, on Job's body came smallpox disease, which covered his entire body from head to foot. Then pus flows from it, while inside there are caterpillars. Job's relatives and friends eventually stayed away from him.

Job had three wives, two of whom later asked for divorce. He also divorced the two. There is now his wife, Rahmah, who faithfully serves and cares for him day and night. Until some of their neighboring women came and reprimanded him : "O Rahmah, we are worried that Job's disease is transmitted to our children. Get him out of our ward. Otherwise, we will expel you by force".

Rahmah came out. His clothes were tied to his back, then he shouted : "aduhai, goodbye. Aduhai, happy parting!. They have taken us out of our country. From our hometown!"

Rahma carried her husband over her back, as her tears flowed down her cheeks. She left in tears heading to a ruined building used for garbage disposal. Then job placed it on the rubbish. The people of the village came out, and they saw Job's situation, and then they said: "take your husband away from us. Otherwise, we will let go of our dogs, let them prey on it".

So Rahmah carried her husband back in tears, until she finally arrived at a crossroads. Then she placed her husband there. Rahma picked up the axe and the mine. Then a wooden house was built. Then he brought ash and laid it on the floor of his house, and stones were also taken for job's backrest . Then he took a large bowl that was usually used by herders to give them a drink, and then he set off to the village. Job alaihissalam exclaimed : "O Rahmah,return.i give you your will,if you want to leave me and leave me here".

"don't worry, O my lord", replied Rahmah." while life is in my body, I will not leave you".

So Rahmah wept, saying : "0h my Lord,thou knowest my condition,has narrowed this earth for me,while the people are disgusted with us in the world,then thou shalt not be disgusted with us,O Lord,in the hereafter .and they have driven us out ,then thou shalt not cast us out of thy land in the day of judgment."

Then Rahmah went to see the baker's wife, and said: "My husband Job is starving. Please owe me bread!".

The baker's wife drove him away instead, saying : "Enyalah from me so that my husband will not see you!". then he said : "thou shalt give me bread as long as thou givest me the braid of thy hair!".

Rahma has 12 hairlines that are long to the ground. She is very beautiful similar to the grandfather of the Prophet Yusuf alaihissalam . while the Prophet Job was very fond of the braiding of his hair.

Rahmah then took a pair of scissors, then cut his hair and gave it to the baker's wife, exchanged for 4 slices of bread. Rahma said: "O Lord, verily this is for the sake of obedience to my husband, and for the sake of feeding to your prophet, Job, I have sold my hairline".

When the Prophet Job saw the fresh bread, he was suspicious ,do not let his wife have pawned himself, so that he had already sworn,if Allah healed him,then surely he would have dera his wife a hundred times.ini is as Allah told us in his word about the kaffarot of Job's wife :

وَخُدْبِيَدِكَ ضِغْثًافَضْرِب بِهِ وَلاَ تَحْنَثْ.

It means : "And take with your hands a bunch (of grass),and then beat (your wife) with it, thou shalt not break the oath".

After Rahmah told her story to her husband, Job cried, and said : "oh my Lord, I have exhausted my efforts, so that your prophet's wife sold her hair and provided for it to me".

But Rahmah "comforted him," he said : "now don't be sad.because the hair will grow back more beautiful than it was".

Then Rahmah cut the bread ,and then bribed it to Job , while he sat beside him.while Job,whenever a caterpillar fell from his body , then it was returned to its original place in his body ,saying : "eat from what Allah has sustened you !". Then there was no more flesh left on his body than the bones, muscles and nerves of the back. So that when the sun rises his light can penetrate from the front of Job's body to the back of him. While what was left of the glorious Body of Job was no longer there apart from his heart and tongue. His heart never ceased from thanking God and his tongue never broke from calling God's asthma.

According to,one of the histories ,Job suffered pain for 18 years .one day,Rahmah said to him : "kanda is a noble prophet on the side of your god . How about kanda begging Allah to heal kanda?".

The prophet Job again asked: "How long do we spend pleasure?" "eighty years old"," replied his wife.

"Well"," job said anyway." I am ashamed of Allah taala to plead with him (for the length of the trials he has inflicted on me) has not yet reached the length of my pleasure.

When there was nothing left on Job's body a little flesh, the caterpillars began to prey on each other, until finally there were only 2 caterpillars left. The two caterpillars then circled all over Job's body looking for food but because they did not find a single piece of flesh other than Job's heart and tongue, one of the two caterpillars then pinched Job's heart while one more bit his tongue, then at that moment, did Job pray to his Lord, he said :

أَنِّيْ مَسَّنِى الضَّرُّوَأَنْتَ أَرْحَمُ الرَّاحِمِيْنَ.

It means: "verily I have been inflicted with danger (i.e. an ordeal). While You are the Most Merciful God".

For Job did not feel anxious because of his property and children, but rather anxious because he was worried about being cut off from God. It was as if he was saying : " O Job ,the tongue is mine ,the heart and the caterpillars are mine ,and the pain is from me why anxious".

Meanwhile, some say that Allah ta'ala has revealed to him : "as if there are seven prophets who asked me for this ordeal, but I have chosen it for you ,as an enhancer of your glory .then this for you is a trial in form only, while in essence it is a love".

Actually, Job was anxious when his heart and tongue were also eaten, because he was busy thinking about and remembering Allah ta'ala. Had it been eaten, then of course he would no longer be able to be busy thinking about and remembering Allah ta'ala. Then Allah ta'ala dropped the two caterpillars from Job's body. One of the caterpillars fell into the water and then turned into a leech that could be used as a cure for some diseases, and the other fell on land and then turned into a bee that could secrete honey that contained medicine for mankind.

After that, came Gabriel alaihissalam dot while carrying two pomegranates from heaven. Job said: "O Gabriel ." He congratulates you and tells you to eat these two pomegranates, you will undoubtedly be healed again (as well as your flesh and bones will be intact as before".

After Job had eaten the 2 pomegranates, Gabriel again said: "Stand thou with the permission of Allah!". Job stood up and then Gabriel said: "put your feet on your feet!".

Job set foot on his right foot, and then the flowing water came out. Then he took a shower with the water after that, he set his left foot on and then he looked up with cool water, and then he drank it. Immediately, all the diseases he had been suffering from, birth and mind had disappeared. In fact, as it turned out, his body is now more dashing than before and his face is more brilliant than the moon. This is as Allah ta'ala describes in his word :

فَاسْتَجَبْنَا لَهُ فكَشَفْنَا مَا بِهِ مِنْ ضُرٍّوَأَنْتَيْنَاهُ أَهْلَهُ وَمِثْلَهُم مَعَهُمْ.

It means : "Then we allowed him (i.e. accepted his prayer ), then eliminated the disease that was on him ,and we returned his family ,and we multiplied their number".

Muqoti said : "allah brings them back to life "and gives him another son as many as they".,

While Adh Dhahhak said : "allah taala narrated to him, "Will you I raise them again?". job replied, "O my Lord "let them in heaven".

Thus, God will bring back to him his family someday in the hereafter, while in the world God bestows upon him as they are,that is, by being born to him as many children as they have.

WISDOM : from that it can be known that, the path to Allah taala is closer to being patient in the face of trials than to patience when receiving grace or gifts.