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There are two sibling men . Both were born into devout religious families. But the behavior of the two is very different and the end of their lives is also different.

The older ones since childhood are well known, worshippers and Alim. He doesn't like to hurt others. Don't like sprees. Never touch a liquor glass let alone drink it. He spent his youth time in the mosque. He also didn't like to hang out with women who weren't his mahram. Once his cousin once seduce him. But He remained steadfast in his faith.

Because of the charity of his good deeds and his noble morals he was much loved by the family and the community.

As for his sister, it is very different from his brother. Since childhood he was known to be very naughty. Since adolescence it has been common to enter the place of maksiat. The brothel was his usual place to hang out. Almost every day he gets drunk and does all kinds of maxiate. Sometimes he also joined the mob to seize other people's property. While robbing she even sometimes committed rape. Almost all kinds of disgusting acts and deeds he had done to satisfy his lust. His evil deeds made him become deeply hated by his family and society.

Once the elder brother who was Alim and the master of worship pondered in his solitude. Suddenly subtly his lust said to her,

" since childhood you have always done good and worshipped. You have earned a place in the hearts of the people and are known as good people. But you never feel the joy of life in the slightest. Why don't you try to occasionally come to your sister's place to entertain yourself in her brothel. Just every once in a while, After that you can repent. You can read thousands of times istighfar in tahajud prayers. Is not God all-forgiving? "

That persuasion of his lust turned out to be in his mind. Satan Pun very subtly enters through the pores and bloodstream. He said to himself,

"That's right. Why don't I occasionally entertain myself? Live only once. Later in the evening I want to dance and have fun with the beauties in my sister's brothel. After that I went home and repented to Allah Almighty. He is All-Loving again All-forgiving. "

Meanwhile in a brothel. His sister also pondered. He felt saturated with the life he lived. His conscience said,

" for many years I have lived in sin. I've done a lot of things. Am I going to live this way on? The whole family and society hate me for my deeds. They are hostile to me for my crimes. Why don't I try to live a good life like my brother. Ah, How about tomorrow I die. How do I account for my deeds. If this continues, I will go to hell one day. I'm going to live a hard life in the afterlife there. While my brother will live deliciously with happiness in heaven. Not! I must not live in the valley of maxiat. I have to try to live on a straight path. Later in the evening after magrib I will go to the mosque where my brother worships. I want to repent and join in the prayers. I want to return to the lap of Allah Almighty. I want to worship for the rest of my life. May Allah forgive my past sins."

And that's right. When night came The two brothers carried out their respective intentions. After the magrib prayers in the mosque, the older brother returned to the house changing clothes and rushed to the brothel. As for the younger brother, he has Gone to leave the brothel as soon as he heard the sound of the magrib call to prayer. The path taken by the two brothers was not the same so the two did not meet halfway.

When he arrived at the brothel, the brother looked for his sister. But nothing. The people in the brothel also no one knew where the younger brother had gone. Although his sister was not around he still carried out his intentions. Lust had taken hold of his entire mind. He also obeyed everything his lust wanted in the house with dancers and prostitutes

In another place, the younger brother arrived at the Mosque where his brother used to carry out worship. He was already determined to repent of all his bad deeds. He took the wudu water and entered the mosque. She looked for her brother, but her brother was not there. In fact, usually his brother always stayed in the mosque after maghrib to Isya. He asked the mosque guard but the mosque guard didn't know where his brother had gone. Although there is no brother, her intentions have been unanimous. He performed as many prayers and prayers as possible with tearful eyes.

Suddenly the earth was violently shaken.

"Watch out for an earthquake! There was an earthquake!" the people on the street shouted.

People frantically came out of the house to save themselves. They were afraid that their house would collapse. The younger brother, who was immersed in the enjoyment of his taubat, did not move from inside the mosque. He didn't feel any earthquakes either. Likewise, the older brother, who was complacent in the brothel at the time, did not feel the earthquake at all. The shock of the earthquake that night was also quite violent. Several buildings collapsed. Including the mosque and also the brothel.

the next day. The Big Brother was found dead among the ruins of a brothel next to the corpse of a female dancer in very embarrassing circumstances. While the younger brother was found dead among the ruins of the mosque, His two hands approached a mushaf on the chest.

People who knew about the two brothers shed tears. They did not finish thinking, people who had been known as 'alim, religious ta'at and worshippers could be killed in such a tragic way. Meanwhile, his younger brother, who had been known to be a maxiate expert, died in a state of husnul khatimah. With this event people were given a very valuable lesson that death can come at any time—only God knows. Then we should never be on a whim to indulge in lust. Who knows when we are indulging in lust that death comes to pick us up. Naudzubillahi min dzalik. Know, that good intentions must always be maintained, so that Allah Almighty bestows a beautiful end of life and the end of his ridhoi life.

" O Allah, bestow upon us constancy and constancy to be in your path. Grant us Husnul Khotimah. Amen, yes Rabbal 'Alamin."