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the woman who is missed by the angels


The Woman Whose Death

Welcome the Angels.

This story may have been heard many times but it is just a reminder of the struggle of this noble woman, hopefully it can restore our passion to also be able to model her, the 'steel-hearted' woman. Nusaibah Binti Ka'ab radhiyallahu'anha, his name recorded in gold ink full of glory even his death invited thousands of angels to greet him.

That day, Nusaibah was in the kitchen. Her husband, Said was resting in the bed cubicle. Suddenly there was a rumbling sound like a collapsed stone mountain. Nusaibah guessed, it must be the enemy army. Indeed, these few days tensions have peaked in the Uhud Mountain area. With a rush, Nusaibah left what he was doing and walked into the cubicle. Her husband, who was asleep smoothly and gently, was shocked by her.

"My dear husband", Nusaibah said, "I heard a frenzy of noise heading to Uhud. Perhaps the pagans have attacked".

Said, who was still not fully conscious, gasped. He regretted why it was not him who heard the sound. Even his wife. He immediately got up and put on his battle clothes. As he prepared the horse, Nusaibah approached. He thrust a sword to Said.

"Husband, bring this sword. Don't go home before you win".

Said looked at his wife's face. After hearing his words, there was never any hesitation in him to go to the battlefield. The horse was swiftly ridden, and then there was the sound of the horse's footsteps heading north. Said immediately plunged into the middle of the battlefield that was raging. In one corner of the other, the Messenger of Allah saw him and smiled at him. The sincere smile further inflamed Said's courage.

At home, Nusaibah sat restlessly. His two children, Amar who was only 15 years old and Saad who was two years younger, watched his mother with anxious eyes. It was then that suddenly a horseman appeared who seemed very nervous.

"Mother, greetings from the Messenger of Allah," said the horseman, "Mother's husband, Said just died on the battlefield. He was martyred".

Nusaibah bowed for a while, "Inna lillah....." she murmured, "My husband has won the war. Thank you, yaa Allah".

After the newsman left the premises, Nusaibah called Amar. She smiled at him amidst the restrained cries, "Amar, you see Mom crying? It's not sad tears to hear your father has been Martyred. I am sad that I have nothing else to give the morning of the prophet's warriors. Will you see your mother happy?".

Amar nodded. His heart throbbed.

"Take a horse in the stable and bring a spear. Fight alongside the Prophet until the infidels are erased".

Amar's eyes were shining. "Thank you, Mother. This is what I've been waiting for since then. I doubt, if mother hadn't given me a chance to defend the religion of God".

The thin son of Nusaibah also continued to pluck his horse in his father's footsteps. There was not the slightest hint of fear on his face. In the presence of the Messenger of Allah, he introduced himself.

"O Messenger of Allah, I am Amar bin Said. I have come to replace my fallen father".

The Apostle movedly embraced the young man. "You are a true young man of Islam, Amar. God bless you".

That day the battle passed quickly. The bloodshed lasted until the evening. Early in the morning an Envoy of Islamic troops departed from the camp on the battlefield, they headed to Nusaibah's house. Upon arriving there, the waitingstoic woman was waiting for the news, "What's the news?", she hadn't opened his voice, "I's my son dead?".

The messenger lowered his head sadly, "That's right".

"Inna lillah...." Nusaibah murmured a little. He cried.

 "You're grieving, yes Umm Amar?..

Nusaibah shook his head slightly. "No, I'm ecstatic. It's just that I'm sad, who else will I give you? Saad is still a child".Hearing that, Saad, who was right beside his mother, interrupted, "Mother, don't underestimate me. If you allow it, I will show you that Saad is the son of a valiant father".

Nusaibah was shocked. He looked at his son. "You're not afraid, kid?"

 Saad, who had already jumped on his horse, shook his head, convinced. A smile was embellished on his face. When Nusaibah with a big heart waved his hand, Saad was lost with the army's envoy.

 In the battle arena, Saad really showed his ability. The 13-year-old has blown the lives of infidels a lot. Until finally came that moment, that is, when an arrow stuck in his chest. Saad slumped over kissing the earth and, "Allahu Akbar!"

Again, the Messenger of Allah sent messengers to Nusaibah's house

Hearing the news of the death, Nusaibah looked down at his nape. "O messenger," he said, "You see for yourself I have nothing left. Only this old self of mine remains. For that let me come with you to the battlefield".

The messenger is frowned upon. "But thou art a woman, O Mother"

Nusaibah was offended, "You underestimated me because I was a woman? Do women not want to also enter Heaven through jihad

Nusaibah did not wait for an answer from the messenger. He rushed to face the Messenger of Allah by riding the horse

Arriving there, the Messenger of Allah listened to all the words of Nusaibah. After that, the Messenger of Allah also said with a smile, "The nusaibah that Allah glorified. It's not yet time for women to take up arms. For a while you just gather medicines and treat wounded soldiers. The reward is the same as that of the fighting one".


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