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The world's first killer


  The world's first killer

Happy friends, the current discussion is about "murder".

Before,Do you guys know what murder is? murder is a heinous act or deed that can take the life of a person or group committed by an individual or group in various ways.

The whole world condemns the act of taking someone's life (murder), because it is one of the actions that is contrary to human rights (HAM), even the islamic religion commands that whoever takes a person's life must be lost (killed), the law is called the qhisas law.

We need to understand with the rules of the islamic religion, it is not that the religion of islam does not tell us to do vengeful acts but it proves that the religion of islam is very guarding in the matter of one's life, because life is something precious that human beings have, without human life, they cannot live and feel the beauty of this world.

Happy friends,Do you know who is the person who first committed the murder? the first to commit murder was qabil, the son of the prophet adam as.

Below are the stories and scenarios of the murders committed by qabil.

The Qur'an does not directly speak and mention the name of the qabil, but is implied in the sentence "son of adam":

"Tell them the story of the two sons of adam (qabil and habil) according to the truth, when both offer sacrifices, then one of them both (habil) is accepted and not accepted from the other (qabil). He said (qabil) :I must have killed you!. said habil : verily Allah only receives (sacrifices) from those who are devout. (q.s.al-maidah:27).

The prophet adam as had 120 children,each person had his twin so there were a total of 240 people and Qabil was the son of the prophet adam as who had a twin (woman) named Iqlima.it has become the sharia and custom of the prophet adam as to marry his children cross-legged.so,qabil was married to labuda twin brother of habil and iqlima was married to habil. Qabil refused this marriage because the appearance of labuda (habil's brother) was not quite beautiful, unlike the appearance of his own sister(iqlima) and qabil chose to marry his own sister.

To overcome this feud ,the prophet adam as commanded the two to sacrifice.

Qabil sacrificed a bunch of vegetables that were less healthy than his agricultural produce because he was a farmer, and habil sacrificed a goat "jad'ah"because he was a sheep herder .when his second sacrifice was offered, then instantly came a blaze of fire and wiped the goat sacrificed by habil and did not engulf his brother's sacrifice .

This shows that God prefers sacrifices from habil to his brother's sacrifices. but qabil did not accept this and was angry saying : I will surely kill you !.

Thereafter qabil complained to his father (prophet adam as) for the fact that his sacrifice was not accepted by Allah,then the Prophet adam said : " this is because you did not mean it in your sacrifice and you prayed that your brother's sacrifice would not be accepted by Allah".

In the evening qabil was ordered by his father to follow habil to his farm and to see what he did habil at night,so qabil obeyed his father's orders and went to follow habil to his farm and it turned out that habil was controlling his cattle.

In the farm qabil discussed again about the problem of his sacrifice not being accepted by Allah .but habil did not respond and only said : indeed Allah only accepts (sacrifices) from those who are devout.

hearing the answer from his sober,qabil felt satirized and finally angry then he took an iron bar,then hit him on habil's head.and habil met his death.

However, according to some opinions say that the death of habil was killed by being thrown his head with a large stone while he was sleeping and finally broke his head.but there is one opinion that says that his death was by being strangled by qabil.

After habil died, qabil felt remorse, panicked and feared that his deeds would be known by his father.and he did not know what to do to his brother's corpse." then Allah told a crow to dig around the earth to tell him (qabil) how he should bury his brother's corpse.said Qabil : oi woe to me ,why am I not able to do like this crow then I can bury this body of my brother......... (q.s.al-maidah:31).

This story is a beginning of the act of murder committed by the son of Adam (man), and the beginning of the burial process of the corpse(corpse).










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