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Three Characteristics and traits of a female expert in hell

  Three Characteristics and traits of a female expert in hell

   In his hadith, Rosulullah Saw once mentioned that there are many women who go to hell, because they are caused by doing bad deeds.

" O women, give alms to you, multiply begging for forgiveness, for indeed I see most of you are the inhabitants of hell.a woman among them asked : O rosulullah,why are most of us the inhabitants of hell ? he replied "for you (the women ) recite a lot, complain, and kufur favors from the husband ". (H.R.muslim).

 It is absolutely true that if a woman when often overpowered by her passions and the tendency to be more concerned with the life and luxury of this mortal world,then it often makes them unable to control their passions so that the lusts that control them by leading to misleading toxicity again harm themselves.the impulses given by lust are very dangerous, according to the scholars " the lust is the same as the 70 sheikhs ". therefore, it is no wonder that many women are lustfully persuaded to commit various sins and sins, which later caused many women to fall into the fires of hell and become their inhabitants.

So below are the characteristics of female inhabitants of hell, including :

1.Disobedient and disobedient to her husband

     The characteristic of a woman who is a hellish expert is a woman who disobeys (disobeys) to her own husband.rosulullah once said: " among one of the people who will not be accepted for her prayers is the wife who is disobedient to her husband so that she returns to obey " (H.R.Thabrani).

women who are disobedient and obedient to their husbands, often in general it is due to the shortcomings found in their husbands.Islamic sharia has commanded wives to be obedient and disobedient to their husbands as long as the husband is not out of the sharia and the law of Allah, a wife is obliged to obey her husband in various ways and provide for all his needs, as long as it does not contain intoxication and sin to God.so that when a wife is obedient and disobedient to her husband, then her husband must be in love with her.

2.appearing and opening the aurat

The second characteristic is a woman who is always able to appear and open her aura and is excessive in decorating. Allah said : " say to the woman of faith let them keep her sight and keep her,and let them not appear her jewellery (her aurat),except the one (ordinary) visible from her.let them close the veil to her chest,and do not appear her jewellery (her aurat),except to their husbands..............

In general, the appearance of women's jewelry excessively to her salain mahram is called "tabarruj". tabarruj is an act forbidden by Allah, it is illegitimate when a woman goes out of the house while displaying her beauty and beauty in front of a man who is not her mahram.

As Allah says in sura al-ahzab verse 33 :

"and let you remain in your homes, and do not embellish and behave like the jahiliyyahs who were and set up prayers, pay zakat, and obey Allah and his messenger ".

The deeds that include tabarruj include:

  • Dress up excessively
  • Wearing a fragrance in front of a man who is not a mahram
  • Making clothes thin and tight so that the curves of the body are tight
  • Over-wearing jewelry

3.demands divorce from her husband for no particular reason

        Now the third, the characteristics of women who inhabit hell are those who like to demand divorce from their husbands for no particular reason and are not clear.the characteristics of women of this model are very much in this day and age.often women who do this are women who carry out a concept of excessive emancipation, especially from various circles of celebrities, they easily demand divorce from their husbands for various reasons that are not syar'i, sometimes it doesn't make sense, it's made up even worse on the grounds of being bored with the relationship all along.


Well folks,here are the 3 characteristics of a female inhabitant of hell.may we not be among these three.






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