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world scout father


Speaking of the Scout movement, we must know the founder of the scout movement, namely the lord Baden Powell of gilwell. Sir Robert Baden Powell has made a leap of history that shocked the world.

Robert stephenson Smith Baden Powell, Baron 1 baden-powell gilwell, was a British soldier and inventor of the boys scouts, born in London. Dan is a graduate of Charterhouse school. Joined the 13th husars army in India in 1876. From 1888 to 1895, BP successfully served in India, Afghanistan, zulu, and ashanti before and during the boer war, BP served as a staff officer of the British royal army (1896-1897). And lieutenant colonel of the 5th dragon guard (5th Dragon Guards,1897-1899). Because of his courage and devotion during the defense of the city of Mafikeng (formerly mafeking) from the siege of the enemy was promoted to major general

Baden Powell then returned to England in 1908 BP became a lieutenant general point awarded the title of knight in 1909 then retired from military service the following year BP formed the boys Scout in 1908 and the next 2 years BP helped establish the girls guides a similar organization for children and young women during world war 1 below are the data on BP (the guides used to call it):

  • Ø BP was born in the English city of London on February 22, 1857
  • Ø His full name is Robert stephenson Smith Baden Powell
  • Ø But the scouts used to call him Baden Powell or BP (bee-pee/BIPI)
  • Ø The diminutive name of Baden Powell is ste, sthepe or stephenson(most commonly referred to by the name steevie). And just called by the name of Robert or sir Robert. After getting a knighthood from the king of England
  • Ø The father of powell body was prof domine baden Powell a professor of geometry at Oxford university england he married Miss Henrietta Grace smyth a princess of the admiral of the british empire who knew namely William T Smith
  • Ø Baden-powell was born into a large family where Paul had 9 siblings namely: warrington, george, augustus, Frank, penrose, Agnes, hendrieta, jezi, and baden fletcher.
  • Ø BP and his brothers grew more intimate after the death of his father, who died on June 11, 1860. By the age of 3 Baden Powell had become an orphan. So from a very young age Baden Powell was required to be able to live alone
  • Ø Baden Powell since childhood has admired the works of many famous scientists of his time such as Charles Darwin, babbage, George elliot, G.H lewes, and James martineau. Baden Powell was a hardworking man, he was not easily discouraged and a helper.
  • Ø At baden Powell's charterhouse school earned the nickname bathing towel
  • Ø At the age of 19, Baden Powell finished school at a charter house school. Then Baden Powell decided to join the military service with the help of his uncle colonel Henry Smith commander of the royal military academy in woldwich then after graduating from the military academy Baden Powell was stationed in India with the rank of assistant lieutenant
  • Ø Dan BP spent his old age in pain,Kenya he finally died on 8 January 1941 and was escorted on a train pulled by the guides who loved him so much to the final resting place



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