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Discussion of halal and haram food

 Discussion of halal and haram food

A. Definition of Halal and Haram Food

Happy friends sometimes before we know the various types of food that are halal and that are haram, it is better for us to know about the meaning of the term, halal food is any food allowed by Islamic law, while illegitimate food is food that is not allowed by Islamic law.

B.Qur'an Postulates Halal and Haram Food

The qur'anic postulates on this subject are

Let's say, there is no evidence in what is revealed to me, something that is forbidden to eat it for those who wish to eat it, except the flesh of dead animals (carcasses), flowing blood, pork because it is filthy or animals slaughtered not in the name of (the name of) God." (Al-Anam: 145)

"It is forbidden to you (to eat) the carcasses, blood, pork, and (flesh) of animals slaughtered not in the name of (the name of) God, the strangled, the beaten, the fallen, the horned, and the pounced upon wild beasts, except those which you had slaughtered." (Al-Maidah: 3)

"Verily he only forbids upon you the carcasses, blood, pork, and (flesh) of animals slaughtered by (mentioning names) other than God." (Al-Baqarah: 173)

"Indeed, Allah only forbids upon you carcasses, blood, pork, and (animals) slaughtered by (mentioning names) other than Allah." (An-Nahl: 115).

C. Characteristics of Halal and Haram Food

- Halal Food

  • Holy of uncleanness and the thing it is forbidden according to islamic law.
  • Safe and away from things that make it easier
  • Has no intoxicating elements
  • Obtained in a good way, there is no element of income in a way that comes out of islamic sharia

- Illegitimate Food

Among the illegitimate foods :.

  • Blood
  • Pig
  • Liquor
  • Slaughtered Animals Are Incompatible with Islamic Law
  •  etc

Among the halal and healthy foods in South Korea are:

1. Kebabs

Kebabs are indeed a typical South Korean food. But if you are in the country of ginseng and do not find halal Korean food, kebabs can be an alternative stomach blocker. The taste is also no less good.

2. Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is also a menu that is no less delicious and appetizing. Tandoori chicken or also often called Tandoori Murgh is a typical food from India.

3. Naan

Naan is also highly recommended for Muslims who are in South Korea. This naan is a type of bread made with

4. Biryani

Biryani is a typical Indian food whose deliciousness is recognized by the world. If you haven't had time to go to India and are in South Korea, you can enjoy this one very delicious food even in Korea.

5. Bibimbap

The vegetables used for this bibimbap menu are very diverse, such as mushrooms, cucumbers, bean sprouts, to carrots. To get bibimbap with halal label, you can come to the Hanok Restaurant restaurant in Mokmyeoksanbang.

6. Spicy bean soup

This spicy bean soup is another Korean specialty that Muslim travelers can enjoy while in South Korea. Of course, from the name we already know, the main ingredient of this Korean food is beans that are seasoned in such a way that it becomes a soup with a spicy taste.

7. Saengseon Gui

Saengseon Gui is a typical Korean food made from fish, specifically mackerel. In Indonesian, saengseon gui means grilled fish, but when cooking this food it turns out that the mackerel fish here is not cut but fried.

8. Maeuntang

Maeuntang is also one of the traditional South Korean foods that is highly recommended for Muslim travelers. This maeuntang food is made from fish that is boiled with such spices and has a spicy taste.

9. Sundubu Jjgae

Sundubu jjgae is a typical Korean food made from tofu with a soup and spices that are quite spicy. The taste of sundubu jjgae will probably be easily adapted to our tongues.

10. Doenjang Jjgae

This doenjang jjgae includes soupy foods that contain vegetable stews and seafood or seafood. The vegetables used are quite diverse and of course they can also be used as a healthy meal.




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