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Discussion of history and elements in it

 Discussion of history and elements in it


A.understanding history in terms of etymology and terminology

a.in terms of etymology (Language)

 The word history originally existed in Arabic from the word 'syajarah' which means tree.named tree means history like a tree that has many roots and branches that are likened to family or genealogy and the suggestion of the existence of something, and the development of continuous events.

b.while according to terminology (term) there are many opinions, including:

According to the opinion of Ibn Kaldun :

" history is a record of mankind or civilization about the world, about the changes that occur in the disposition and character of human society ".

In Moh's opinion. Yamin :

" history is a science which is compiled on the results of investigations, from several many events that are able to be proven by various existing realities (facts) ".

In the opinion of Thomas Carlyle :

" History is an event that occurred in the past, which learns from the biographies of those who were famous as saviors of their time, These great men are people who have been recorded as the foundation of a history ".

In the opinion of Roeslan Abdulgani :

" history is a science likened to a three-dimensional vision; first through visions to the past, secondly to the present, and thirdly to the future. In other words, the investigation in the past cannot break away from the reality of the present that is being faced and felt, and also cannot be separated from the perspective of the future ".

B,elements in history

Historical science has studies, studies in historical science have three main elements, namely:

1. Human
Man is one of the elements in history. Human beings are also referred to as subjects and objects in history because they determine the course of history.

2. Space
The second element in historical science is space. Space is an element that is no less important in history because space becomes a dimension of where humans can produce a history. The element of space is an important element in the writing of history. The scope of space serves as Something that will divide history into several traits, such as international history, national history, local history, regional history and world history.

A space that is the scene of a historical event will usually leave some traces of evidence, such as objects that were used at the time, buildings, places or certain forms at the scene.
The place where it occurs or a historical location can be broad or narrow.

 3. Time

The third element of history is time. History talks about an event in which it has passed or has occurred in the past. The past is a time that has passed and happened.
The past must certainly be related to the present (can be felt or faced) and also to the future.

Wise friends  ....................................................................

The purpose of historical science is

It makes it easier for humans to be able to understand the past so much and so complex that it becomes a language, order or order.

Doing a form of simplification, the number of historical events that are difficult for humans to understand can be turned into simple as possible that they will certainly understand.

In order to understand the systematics of science, past events are grouped and their influences can be linked and at the end of the day can be arranged systematically and neatly.
To classify in historical science, all events that occur in society are then grouped into various events, such as economic, political, cultural, religious, social and so on.










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