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Discussion of morals (understanding and scope)

Discussion of morals (understanding and scope)

understanding morals in language and terms

The definition of morals according to linguisticaspects an (etymology) is derived from a word in Arabic, namely khuluq which has a meaning in Indonesian is a behavior or character in everyday life. 

Meanwhile, when looking at it in terms of terminology, the definition of morals in terminology is a form of nature or various behaviors contained in the human soul and identity so that it causes the consequences of an action which can be done easily, without having to be considered with the thoughts of our brain again.

Wise and wise friends in Islam are no longer strange to the name "akhlak" because morals are inseparable in islam because islam also tells to do praiseworthy morals i.e. akhlah mahmudah and stay away from despicable morals i.e. madzmumah morals.

In the issue of akhak in Islam there are also several scopes including:

1. Morals to Allah Almighty

Man is a creature of Allah swt which is given a perfection and various advantages compared to other creatures of Allah swt. Human beings are also given something special with reason that is used to think, feelings to feel and lust.

because of this, it is appropriate for us to do our obligations to allah swt,As for man's obligation to Allah swt is basically just two things, namely keeping Him and worshipping Him,because Allah swt said in the book of susi of the Qur'an : " and I did not create man and jinn except for worship".

The Prophet also said:

إِنَّ مِنْ أَحَبِّكُمْ إِلَيَّ وَأَقْرَبِكُمْ مِنِّي مَجْلِسًا يَوْمَ القِيَامَةِ أَحَاسِنَكُمْ أَخْلَاقًا

It means: "Verily the ones I love the most among you and the closest to where they sit with me on the day of judgment are those who are the most good morals among you." (HR. Tirmidzi no. 1941. Judged by Al-Albani in Shahih Al-Jaami' no. 2201.)

2. Morals as a Parent

a child must be a special mandate entrusted by Allah Almighty to his parents. Our obligation as parents is to give a good name, slaughter the seventh-day aqiqah animal from its birth, circumcise it, give affection to them, give a living, give Education and its learners especially something related to religious issues and marry it to a good partner after adulthood later in life.

Therefore, as a child, we want to always do good to them by doing praiseworthy morals such as respecting them, doing good to them, obeying their commands, obeying the commandments that do not clash with islamic law and do not hurt them with our words, deeds and behaviors etc.

3. Morals towards Fellow Human beings

Islam teaches humans that humans can always maintain, maintain and strengthen a good relationship between fellow humans, including with neighbors who are around our environment. This obligation is considered important and must be carried out seriously because this can affect the quality of one's faith.

Rasulullah SAW said:

"It is not the man of faith that he himself is full of while his (next door) neighbor is starving." (HR. Bukhari).

Of the three, of course, we must do well about morals towards Allah Almighty, both parents and fellow human beings.


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