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Prophet Zulkifli alaihissalam

  Prophet Zulkifli 

       Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam is the son of Prophet Ayyub alaihissalam. And Zulkifli is a title that given to him, while his real name was Basyar bin Ayub.

The title is awarded to him because he is able to keep his promise, he is also someone who have a patient nature, as in the Al-Quran surah Al-Anbiya verses 85-86 which means: 85. And remember the story of Ismail, Idris, and Zulkifli. They are all patient people. 86. And we enter them into our mercy. Indeed, they are among the pious, and Zulkifli means capable, meaning that he is able to keep his promise. In one story, it is told that the king named Israel (Ilyasa), was no longer able to carry out his duties government because he is old. Then the king gathered his people to ask for their willingness to find a successor as leader of the Children of Israel with several conditions.

Then in front of his people the king said, “Who is able to fast during the day, worship at night and be able not to be angry, then to him I will entrust the kingdom this, because I am old.” The king asked again, “Who can fast during the day? day, worship at night and be able not to be angry?” And a young man named Basyar stood up and declared his readiness “I can”.

Because the king did not believe in him, the young man repeatedly stated that he was able to fulfill these conditions. That is why Basyar was given the title Zulkifli, which means “one who is able to keep a promise”.


After the Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam was appointed king, he arranged his time in such an orderly manner, part of his time was used to take care of the kingdom and serve his people and part of his time was used to sleep. While during the day he used to fast and at night he used to worship Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

One day when the Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam was about to sleep, the devil came to the place of Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam and the devil resembled a human to tempt his patience.

Because he was going to sleep, the guest was handed over to his deputy to receive and solve all the problems. Apparently the guest didn’t like being accepted by his representative and urged the king himself to accept it and also settle the matter with him.

And because the guest didn’t want to go too and his words asked to be finished immediately then the time for the King to sleep is no longer there, even though the King is still patient faced him, he was not angry and finally found out, it turned out that the guest was a demon who deliberately came to tempt the king.

Once upon a time there was a war in the country with people who were disobedient to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala then the king ordered all his people to join the war but the people disobeyed and said, “O Rajal, we are afraid to fight because we are still happy to live. In the world, if you ask Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala to guarantee our lives then we are ready to fight.”

Hearing these words the King was not angry, he even prayed to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, “O Allah, I have conveyed your message to them, telling them to fight but they are reluctant and refuse to ask for life guarantees.”

Then came the revelation to the Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam, “Ya Zulkifli, I already know their request, I hear your prayer and I will grant everything”.

That’s a glimpse of the patience of the Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam in dealing with everything problems, Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam faced all his affairs patiently he always obeyed the promise given by the previous king who handed over his kingdom to him and he kept his promise not to be angry.

And the Prophet Zulkifli Alaihissalam also died at the age of 75 years in Sham or often referred to as Syria.

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