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Raising a Dog, Is It Okay?

 Raising a Dog, Is It Okay?

There was a student asking ustad, "Ustaz If the dog is in Islam, what is the law?" Quite often I get questions like this because there are not a few friends who are dogs including my best friend who maybe they actually know too that Dogs are illegitimate but still hope for a little loophole to still be able to keep them hehehe....

And Ustaz replied briefly, "Dogs are illegitimate but under certain conditions can be kept, for example, dogs for hunting or guard dogs if the environment in their homes is very scary. But with a note, the Dog does not stay in the house because the angel will not enter the house where the dog has it. "

Therefore, this paper will discuss this matter based on the Quran and hadith.

As a start, this discussion starts from the most common. In Islam, the legal dog is unclean mughallazah(heavy unclean), because if we are exposed to its uncleanness it must be washed seven times with water and one of them must be mixed with dust or soil. This has been explained in the hadith. Prophet Muhammad SAW; said: "If a dog licks a vessel of one of you, then you should pour the vessel and then wash it seven times." (HR. Muslim)

In the hadith it is clear already that the law of dogs is haram. It's something that's not debated anymore. So if someone asks why the dog's saliva is unclean, yes, because it is indeterminately unclean.

Then what about the dog's own body? For general caution, scholars say that because the saliva comes from the dog's body, the body is automatically unclean as well. So it is very absurd That the vessel that is exposed to the saliva of the dog becomes unclean and illegitimate while the body that is the place of the process of appearing saliva is not unclean.

Nevertheless the Messenger of Allah allowed to keep certain types of dogs under certain conditions. Prophet Muhammad SAW; said: "Whoever keeps a dog except a cattle guard dog or a hunting dog or a field guard dog then his charity every day will be reduced by one Qirath." (HR. Muslim p. 686) one qurath is equivalent to the size of mount Uhud.

Here it is clear that keeping a dog is legally illegitimate except for the type of cattle guard dog or hunting dog or field guard dog. If we continue to "ngeyel" want to raise a dog other than the dog, then like the hadith above, our practice every day will be reduced by 1 qirath which is likened to the size of mount Uhud.

You can imagine the question mark Even though we don't necessarily have as big as mount uhud, So what's the story if every day has to be reduced by the size of mount uhud the question mark that exists so zero maybe even minus because it is reduced continuously. It's like people have savings, every day is taken continuously until they go bankrupt.

In the hadith, the hunting dog in question is an educated dog that the owner uses for hunting purposes. which when ordered to chase then he runs off and when told to stop then he stops. This type of dog is halal as long as it is really educated and does not eat the game. This type of dog has indeed been educated for a specific purpose.

Then field guard dogs or livestock are allowed to guard against the danger of thieves. This is also the type of educated dog that if he sees a stranger then he will bark so that the dog owner will wake up.

Likewise suppose a person who lives in a remote area, an environment famous for its high crime rate and no one can be trusted to look after his property, then he is allowed to keep a dog. This type of dog is a large and sangar dog like a herder or Pitbull that once bitten a person can immediately die. But again, the goal is purely to guard the house or the field, and not to be his playmate.

Although there are several types of dogs that can be kept, but still the dog should not live in the same place as the owner. Why? Angels will not enter the house of the person who keeps the dog.

The Prophet said: "angels will not enter a house in which there are dogs or pictures (of animate beings). " (HR. Bukhari no. 448)

More details on this subject at one time the Angel Gabriel promised the prophet Muhammad SAW to meet him at a predetermined time. But when that time came, the angel Gabriel did not come.

Then the Messenger of Allah said, "never did Allah and his messenger (the Angel Gabriel) deny promises." after that Prophet Muhammad SAW saw that there was a puppy under the table and asked Aisyah, " Aisyah, When did this dog enter here?" Aisyah replied, "I do not know the Messenger of Allah."

Then the Messenger of Allah asked Aisyah to remove the dog. Not long after being expelled, the Angel Gabriel came. The Messenger of Allah also asked the Angel Gabriel, "O Gabriel, you promised me to come and I have been waiting for your coming But you did not come at the appointed time."

The angel Gabriel replied, the quotation marks in your house are dogs, and that is what prevents me from entering. We (angels) will not go into a house in which there are dogs or pictures (animate creatures). "(HR. Muslim)

So in conclusion, keeping a dog is just out of sheer pleasure to be a pet or Because dogs are cute, cute and adorable then the punishment is haram. Except for educated dogs used for hunting purposes guarding fields or guarding farm animals. Even with a note, the dog must live outside the house or the angel will not enter the person's house.

So if friends keep dogs at home just Because the dog is cute, cute and adorable, it's a pity that the dog shouldn't be kept. No matter how cute and sweet a dog is, yes still the punishment is H-A-R-A-M. Dogs I mean here are dogs that are used as pets who interact daily with their owners, are invited to play, are given food, bathed, and so on.

For those who have already maintained, the solution is twofold.

1. Just love the dog to others

2. Mending Tiara other animals, there are many other better alternatives... there are cats, ducks, rabbits, monkey ampe turtles hehehe... I personally like cats, it's just funnier, especially if the cat is fat and has a lot of fur.

Nonetheless, outside of the monasticism of a dog, Islam still considers that dogs are living beings that deserve to be treated "humanely". So it doesn't mean that because the punishment is illegitimate Then if you see a dog on the street, you can be kicked and killed. It's not like that.

Even in a story It is told that there was a sinful person forgiven his sins by God and put into heaven just because he gave a thirsty dog a drink. This is the beauty of Islamic teachings, even for an illegitimate animal, we are still commanded to do good.

More or less That's all I can say.next, the final decision is in the hands of friends, want to keep it please, not maintain better... the choice is yours!

But believe me, every What is commanded by God is for the good of man. Allah always wants convenience for his servants because indeed Islam is built on the basis of ease. "God wants for you ease and does not want hardship." (QS. Al-Baqarah[2]:185). 

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