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Social mobility is a form of change in the rise and fall of the level of social change of society in an area at a better/vice versa level. Mobility according to its parts is divided into 2 parts, including:

A. Vertical Mobility

That is a transfer of a group / individual from a social position to another social position that is not equal, either moving at a higher level (social climbing) or at a lower level than before (social singking).

·         Vertical Mobility upwards (social climbing)

This mobility is mobility that occurs due to an increase that occurs in a person's status or position or an increase in a person's position status at a higher level than the previous status.

Mrs. Maria is one of the lecturers in economics at one of the leading universities in the UK, she carries out her duties well, not only in teaching in her class but always active in various fields of student affairs for students / si on the campus. He has provided various services to advance the university he teaches. So one of them appointed him as a permanent lecturer rector at the college.

This story is an example of the vertical upward mobility of the status of residence, which originally became a lecturer in the ascension to become a rector.

·         Vertical Mobility down (social climbing)

It is a process of declining the status or social state of a person at a lower level dri at the previous level. This process often occurs and can cause psychiatric turmoil for a person due to changes in his rights and obligations .e.g.;

Mr.Borrow is an only child who owns the largest tea plantation agricultural company in the United States,Because he wants to advance his family's economy again he is building another business in the mining sector. But the mining business he managed did not manage to get the slightest progress. In fact, his family's plantation continued to decline and suffered huge losses, prompting Mr.Borrow to pursue his business. Now he works as an employee of a regular tea brewery in his town.

This case is a decrease in the social status of a person who comes from an entrepreneur to a tea drink employee.

B. Horizontal Mobility

That is a transfer of the status of a person/group position in a layer or level that is equivalent to the previous ststus. This mobility is also called the transition of social objects on the same object and there is no change ( up and down) the degree of position of a person.example;

Mr. Alen served as a rector at Harvard university and has been in office for approximately 12 years. The government then transferred him to another university not far from Harvard to be made rector at the university.

What he experienced by Mr.allen was a form of social mobility that was horizontal,He was still a rector at a different university,but did not lower/raise the degree of position from before but remained the same at the previous level.

Like a wheel that is always turning, humans cannot always occupy high positions. Therefore, it is very important that they must be able to always take good care of themselves if they have obtained a high position / status among human beings.and must be aware that the status and position is a mandate that must be carried out correctly.

As for people who are at the bottom of the social layer, there is no need to feel discouraged as long as they are able to continue to fight diligently in a way, they will definitely get great success.


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