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Tamarind is one type of plant that many people need because of its function, especially used in the active period of tamarind ingredients can be found in the lowlands on the edges of highways as a shade tree. For its breeding used grain. Tamarind is a type of fruit that is sour-tasting commonly used as a seasoning in many Indonesian dishes as a flavoring or acid flavor enhancer in food, for example in sour vegetables or sometimes empek-empek soup.

Tamarind also known by the name of tamarindus indica belongs to the fabaceae tribe this species is the only member of the tamarindus clan. Other names of tamarind are asam (Malaysia), asem (Java), sampalok(Tagalog), ma-kham(Thai), and tamarind(English).

·        Usage example

In addition to functioning as an ingredient in kitchen spices, tamarind with its chemical content is also widely useful for point treatment as for examples and treatment methods are as described below

A. Boils

To treat boils, what is used is the crater acid of the flesh of the ripe sour fruit that has been processed and the color is black, not brown as big as a quail egg, soaked in one glass of water so that it expands plus 5 slices of temulawak which are washed first before slicing palm sugar for sweetening. All bring to a boil so that the water is only half a point taken once a day until it heals.

To affix acid wire as big as a quail egg a little salt and a little oil are mixed and crushed. Attach to the boil . Do it daily until the boil heals.

B. Acne

For the treatment of acne using tamarind tamarind mixed with some other ingredients. The trick is

1. A total of 12 strands of sambiloto leaves, 10 slices of temulawak, 5 cm, 11 teaspoons there, 10 strands of cumin leaves, all washed at the lumating point with acid wire the size of a quail egg.

2. Give one 2/2 cup of water, strain and the pulp is squeezed with a drinking point cloth 3 times a day point for the outer medicine of tamarind given clean water, kneaded, filtered and water used to wash your face before going to bed.

C. Dry cough

Ordinary dry cough is very painful when treated with drugs sold in the market in addition to the price, also usually causes drowsiness alternative treatment points by using tamarind, the method is as follows:

1. Prepare 2 cups of sour leaves, 2 glasses of saga leaves, 5 cm of washed chinese cinnamon, boiled with 3 cups of water until the water is only 2 cups

2. Drunk during the day instead of regular drinking water. Repeat for several days

D. Itching in the form of wavy red dots of water

For the treatment of this disease using Tamarind , how:

1. Eight slices of temulawak washed first before slicing and palm sugar boiled with a glass of water, until the water is only half

2. Put the kawak acid as big as a quail egg, stirring until the acid comes out of the juice. Strain drink 1x a day until cured

E. Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is a disease that specifically occurs in women . This disease is also one of the types of diseases that are treated using tamarind.the treatment method is as follows

1. Kawak acid as big as marbles,25 strands of beluntas leaves washed, turmeric 5 cm, washed, peeled, and added a little palm sugar.

2. Sour leaves and crushed turmeric ,brewed with 1/2 cup hot water put acid and sugar.

3. Stir -stir until the sugar dissolves .squeeze with a cloth drunk before going to bed at night every day.

F. Measles

Measles is easy to treat with Tamarind, that is, by using its leaves mixed with turmeric, salt and sugar.the method is as follows

1. Provide one glass of sour leaves, 3 rhizomes of freshly washed, sliced, sliced turmeric, a little salt and palm sugar.

2. All boiled with two glasses of water until the water is only half

3. Drink morning and evening .repeat as necessary.

G. Itching on an already dry scar

Freshly dried scars usually itch. When scratched, it will usually cause new pain. To avoid scratching, do treatment, one of which is by using Tamarind, this is how there are two ways

1. Way 1

Use kawak acid moistened with clean, boiled water and then rubbed into itchy scars.

2. Way 2

Use 1 full tablespoon of sour leaves, a piece of turmeric master, washed, crushed, affixed to an itchy scar.


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