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Islamic figures in the three fields of science

 Islamic figures Many

        Islamic religious figures who are great and famous in various fields, including 3 main fields, namely: hadith, interpretation and fiqh. they are scholars who are prolific in producing various scientific works that can be known and studied in the present. For example, in hadith science there are 6 hadith scholars who stand out for their content ,they succeeded in making a strict selection in the hadith Rosul saw .the goal is to know the correct source or reference in the future.this effort is carried out in the following way: Traveling to various places (regions) to meet the rawi (periwayat hadist) Compiling various hadith criticisms Compiling a classification of hadith differences that include the marfu hadith, mauquf and maqtu among the famous books named kutubussittah (a combined book written by 6 famous hadith experts namely : imam al -bukhari, imam muslim, imam abu dawud, imam at tirmidzi , imam An nasa 'i and ibnu majah.

A.imam bukhari

        Imam with the name al-bukhari was born in the area of bukhara,ubzekistan on the 13th of shawal 194 Hijri or coinciding on July 21,  810 M,which currently belongs to the territory of Russia. his real name is abu abdullah muhammad bin ismail bin ibrah al – mughirah bin bardizbah.  kitab –kitab which he wrote :

  •        al-jami ash-shahih
  •        al-adab al-mufrad
  •        at-tarikh as-shagir
  •        adh-dhu'afa as-shagir
  •        at-tarikh al-kabir
  •        at-tarikh al-ausath
  •        at-tafsir al-kabir 
  •        al-musnad al-kabir                                                                                                                 
      imam bukhari died on 31 august 870 AD (256 H) on the night of Eid al-Fitr at the age of 62 years less than 13 days and was buried after dzuhur.

B.imam muslim

             This second hadist  imam was born in 202 H/817 AD in Nasaibur, Uzbekistan . his full name was imam husain muslim bin al-hajjaj bin muslim bin kausyaz al-qusyairi an-naisaburi,he died on Monday,25 rajab 261 H and was buried in nasr abad area(one of the areas outside Nasaibur.   In addition to al-jamiah ash-shahih,the muslim imam also has several books as the fruit of his scientific journey.among them namely:

  • al-musnadul kabir alal rijal
  • al-asma wal kuna
  • man laesa lahu illa rawin wahidin
  • auhumul muhadisin
  • auladus shahabah
  • al-arqan And so on.

C.imam abu dawud

             This third hadith imam was born in Sijistan in 202 H or 817 AD, he has the full name sulaiman bin al-asy'as bin ishaq bin basyir bin syidad bin amr al-azdi as-sijistani.

Here are some books by imam abu dawud :

  • kitab al-marasil 
  • kitab al-qadar
  • an-nasikh wal mansukh
  • fadhailul amal
  • kita az-zuhud
  • dala'ilun nuuwwah
  • ahbarul khawarij,and
  • ibtidaul wahyu.

D.imam at-tirmidzi

            The fourth imam was born in 209 A.D. in the city of Tirmidz.whose full name is imam al-hafidz abu isa muhammad bin isa bin saurah bin musa bin ad-dhahak sulami at-tirmidzi. Below is the book of his work :

  • al-asma wal kuna 
  • syamail an-nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam
  • al'llal al-kabir
  • al'llal
  • az-zuhud
  • at-tarikh

E.imam an-nasa’i

              This fifth priest was born in 215 A.D. in the city of Nasa,so the name was given to him,but there are opinions that say He was born on the 214th of H . he has the full name ahmad ibn syuaib bin ali bin sinan bin bahr al-khurasani al-qadi,while his nickname is abu abdirrahman .

Here is his book :

  • sunan an-nasa'i
  • as-sunan al-kubra
  • as-sunan ash-shugra
  • al-kuna
  • khasha'isu ali
  • adhu'afa wa matrukin
  • at-tafsir
  • amalul yaumi wa lailati.

        In the opinion of imam adz-dzahabi ,he died in 303 Masehi  in Ramlah ,Palestine and was buried in baitul maqdis.

F.imam ibnu majah     

            okay,this last imam was born in 209 H in Qazwin ,has the real name imam muhammad ibn yazid in majah ar-rabi'i al-qazwini. His nickname is abu abdullah but is often called ibn majah which is implicated in his father's name.  Delivered by his book :

  • kitab as-sunan
  • tafsir al-qur'an
  • tarikh(history in the time of friends to his time).

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