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Motivational story (effort will not betray results)

Where there is a will there is a way


      One day in a forest full of the beauty of trees, plants and animals experienced a dry season .the rivers became dry and water was hard to come by.all the inhabitants of the forest felt sad, including the crow. One day he was very thirsty and wanted to drink water,so he went around to various places to find water,there were various places he went through but could not find water to drink,he complained and almost gave up.when he flew back,then he found a jug in which there was a little water,then immediately approached the jug and he hoped that hopefully he could drink the water.when he wanted to drink it turned out that his beak did not arrive at that water.because he felt very thirsty finally he thought about how to get the water to rise to the surface so that his beak could get to that water,but he had the will to drink water from it's a jug and he knew 

" if there is a great will then there must be a road that stretches out ".

      When he glanced around him, he saw a lot of small stones and he thought ( if I put the stones in, maybe the water would rise to the surface and my beak would probably come to the point ) then he tried to insert one stone using his beak,then instantly the water rose a little.then he thought for a while (if I had put all the stones in this jug then my will surely manifested to drink water and my thirst would have disappeared). he continued to try to put the rocks into the jug and it turned out that it was true that the water also rose to the surface.after the water rose to the surface and allowed his beak to get to that water, he drank the jug water until it was satisfied and lost his thirst.

The essence that we can take from the story of the crow is:

when we have great will, desires and ideals, then we should try hard and fight to get it with the courage to carry out all the processes that exist, because success is not instantaneous, it does not immediately have to be full of real struggle and proof processes even though it must be passed with various sacrifices and even crying, because it is the process full of struggle that will give the fruit of success. But if we give up on what we aspire to,do not want to fight,do not want to try to achieve it, are lazy to process, then our desires will not be achieved otherwise we will always fail.when we fail we always blame god,consider god is unfair,god favoritism and in the end we hate god.even though the thing of blaming god, consider god is unfair, god favoritism and hatefulness are foolish and idiotic deeds.it is inappropriate for us as creatures to do so. We must know that we can fail it is not because god is unjust, god favoritism but the cause of our failure is ourselves, those of us who do not want to fight, those of us who cannot try, those of us who are lazy to do the process.

Therefore, if we want to achieve success and desire (ideals) we should really be willing to fight, be able to try and understand the various processes that exist.if we see the success of others out there, then the success they achieve or get is not immediate and easy to get but in it (the path to that success) there are many struggles, hard work and long processes and great earnestness, for they know " where there is a will there is a way "



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