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The strategy of a spider in saving its life


The strategy of a spider in saving its life


On a sunny and gray Sunday, many people are enjoying the beauty of the city park located in tasikmalaya city area.the beautiful city park is filled with flowers that are as fragrant as perfume,plus the shady trees leaves,the fruit that is present between the trees makes whoever sees it will definitely never forget the beautiful city garden.the garden in which there are various kinds of games such as 25 colorful swings,20 children's slides,15 seesaws decorated with various decorations and so on.so it's no wonder that every week and holidays,so many families come just to enjoy the beauty of the city park.next to the city park there is also a very beautiful lake, sprinkled with a variety of beautiful decorations ranging from neat chairs in bluish-white color that are beautifully arranged around the lake.

Similar to the people who enjoy tasikmalaya city park, a young man named agus setiawan is also immersed in the beauty of the city park.especially on Sundays and holidays he always spends his time enjoying and looking for fun there, plus often he takes pictures then does not forget to post them on instagram accounts and other social media accounts until many people see agus posts and comment with many comments.

And one day Agus was enjoying the beauty in the city park, when he was sitting alone on a chair near the lake, perched a spider on agus's shirt, saw a spider perched on his shirt, agus was shocked not to be surprised and immediately took the spider with his hand.when he found a spider in his hand, agus stayed for a while watching him and after that he intended to take revenge on the spider because it had perched on his shirt and made him startled.he then carried a stick and stuck it in the lake close to its side,after which placed the spider on the stick while noticing how the spider could get out of it the stick he stuck in the lake,

So the spider went downstairs carefully and when it reached the bottom it turned out to be a dead end.then continued to go back and forth from the top of the stick to the bottom of the stick looking for a way out of it stick.when his efforts almost failed,the spider finally returned again to the top of the stick then stayed still without moving in the slightest as if he would think of strategizing for himself so that he could escape to be able to save his life from the danger that was befalling him now.

Agus never stopped paying attention to how the spider's strategy in overcoming the problem was.then agus thought a question arose " Will the spider manage to get out or remain in the confinement of his wand ? " .then answered the question that was on the mind of agus when he saw the spider spit out from his mouth a kind of white thread which then the spider attached to the top of the stick and then shot it over the air so that in the end, the white benag attached to a small tree close to the lake, as if it would form a pedestrian bridge.

After forming a bridge, the spider crossed with his bridge until he could go ashore free from the stick that threatened his life.

After seeing this incident, he was convinced wholeheartedly that God created each of his creatures to have their own advantages, including his small creatures such as spiders, etc.

therefore we should not mock or belittle others because everyone has their own advantages.which with those advantages can guard themselves from every danger that will come to them.

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